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The NAACP is a bi-racial organization formed in 1909, to fight for civil and political liberty.
Twelve Years a Slave, was a book about Solomon Northrup, a free black man from New York State.
The 1963 March on Washington had about 5,000 people.
The KKK (Ku Klux Klan) was established to help Blacks, Jews and immigrants.
She was the first black woman to start a school, that became a four year college. That college now bears her name.
Mary McLeod Bethune
She was known as the Moses of her people, greatest conductor of the Underground Railroad.
Harriet Ross Tubman
Free blacks served on juries.
The Civil War brought freedom to about 4 million people.
The Underground Railroad was made up of tunnels and tracks from the South to the North.
CORE stands for the Congress of Racial Equality.
He invented a machine to oil moving parts of a train. His name is sometimes refered to as the real thing.
Elijah J. McCoy
He was an editor, educator, and a Harvard PhD, and started Negro History Week.
Dr. Carter G. Woodson
During the Civil War, 23 black people won the nations highest award, the Congressional Medal of Honor.
Approximately 50,000 black troops served in the Armed Forces during World War II.
All slaves were allowed to marry legally.
Henry (Box) Brown had himself shipped out of slavery as cargo.
He developed 300 different products, including instant coffee, face cream, ink, shampoo, soaps, and peanut products.
George Washington Carver
He served as a surveyor that helped design the blueprints for Washington, D.C.
Benjamin Banneker
She was America's first black female millionaire, inventing a straightening comb, and hair and beauty products.
Madame C.J. Walker
Freedom Riders were the people who rode the Underground Railroad to freedom.
Free blacks often testified in court against blacks and whites.
In some states it was against the law to teach blacks to read or write.
The poll tax was a head tax to be paid at election time.
Abolition means putting an end to slavery.
He is credited with originating the rodeo sport called "bulldogging."
Bill Pickett
He was killed in the Boston Massacre, becoming the 1st American to die in the struggle for independence.
Crispus Attucks
At least one person survived the Mexican Army's attack on the Alamo, in Texas.
In 1902, she started a preparatory school, in Sedalia, NC, now a state historic site. Education-Religion-Culture.
Charlotte Hawkins Brown
Local black craftsmen played a major role in constructing the Biltmore House, in Asheville, NC.
The first black sorority was.
Alpha Kappa Alpha
He invented the gas masks, traffic signals, and belt fasteners for sewing machines.
Garrett A. Morgan
Dillard High School had one of the best vocational programs in the US, including bricklaying, carpentry, metal works, and mechanics.
Slavery was started in the US to provide cheap/free labor.
The sit-in movement started at a Woolworth store, in 1960, was located in what city.
Greensboro, NC
In 1847, most people in Goldsboro could read and write.
Rev. Clarence Dillard and Mr. Hugh Victor Brown influenced education for blacks in Goldsboro for approximately 70 years.
She was a famous reported, editor, speaker, and co-founder of the NAACP. Reported on tragic lynchings.
Ida B. Wells
What president in 1948, issued an executive order ending segregation in the US Armed Forces.
Harry S. Truman
Pea Island Coast Guard Station was the oldest, most celebrated, all black facility operating from 1880-1952.
Who was the author of Up From Slavery?
Booker T. Washington
In 1964, what Afro-American won the Nobel Peace Prize?
Martin Luther King, Jr.
What was Martin Luther King Jr.'s name at birth?
Michael Luther King, Jr.
When was the Emancipation Proclamation issued?
January 1, 1863
In what year was Abraham Lincoln assassinated?
Name the man who passed Babe Ruth as the "Home Run King" of baseball.
Hank Aaron
Who was the only African American to have won the men's Wimbledon singles tennis title?
Arthur Ashe
The Crisis became the official publication of what organization?
The NAACP was founded in what year?
Who was the 'mother' of the modern civil rights movement?
Rosa Parks