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What is the first name of the Shea for whom "Shea's Performing Arts Center" was named?
What Buffalo-based literary critic wrote the landmark book "Love and Death in the American Novel"?
Leslie Fiedler
What internationally acclaimed writer spent a month in jail in Western New York while a teenager and later described the experience as a "living hell"?
Jack London
Essayist and magazine publisher Elbert Hubbard died when the ship he was on was torpedoed in 1915. What ship was it?
The RMS Lusitania
When Samuel Clemens was living in Buffalo, a few years after the Civil War, at what local newspaper did he work?
The Buffalo Express
A Lockport native won the National Book Award for a book titled "Them" and has been a Pulitzer Prize finalist for fiction three times. Who was it?
Joyce Carol Oates
One of the most celebrated authors in American literature had Buffalo addresses on North Street, Irving Place and Highland Avenue before he and his family returned to Minnesota, the state where he was born. Who was he?
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Which Buffalo building, now an important part of Buffalo's theater scene, was once the most popular burlesque house in town?
710 Main Theatre, formerly the Palace Burlesque
It's rumored that Clyfford Still, the famously prickly painter who gave a huge trove of paintings to the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in the 1960s, forbade the gallery from ever buying artwork from one of his famous rivals. The gallery's collection still lacks a painting by this major expressionist artist. Who is he?
Barnett Newman
One of the most popular stage actresses in American history was born in Buffalo in 1893 and went on to play iconic stage roles, including Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Cleopatra, before fading into near obscurity. She was revived by Buffalo playwright A.R. Gurney for the recent play "The Grand Manner." What's her name?
Katharine Cornell
Pazinski is the surname of the family that is at the center of the most popular production of the 1990s at Studio Arena Theatre. Name the play.
"Over the Tavern" by Tom Dudzick
The purchase of a painting by a controversial 20th-century artist by the president of the Albright Art Gallery board in the 1920s caused such a stir that the president was sent packing for New York City, where he became the first president of the Museum of Modern Art. Who was the artist?
Pablo Picasso
What is the name of the reviled public art installation then-Mayor James Griffin denounced as "an embarrassment to donwtown Buffalo" and ordered to be dismantled only five days after its installation in 1984?
"Green Lightning," Billie Lawless
The actor who originated the role of Tom Collins in the Broadway production of "Rent" graduated from the Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts. Who is he?
Jesse L. Martin
"To commit suicide in Buffalo is redundant" is one of the most well-known lines from the Tony-award-winning-play "A Chorus Line," which was directed and choreographed by this Buffalo-born artist. Who was he?
Michael Bennett (but co-author James Kirkwood wrote the infamous line)
Three local communities get all or part of their names from the Iroquois word for "swift waters." What is it?
It might not be the quickest way to make this trip, but what roads could you take to travel from the U.S./Canada border to the U.S./Mexico border?
Route 62
You wouldn't know it to look at them, but the twin south Grand Island bridges connecting the Town of Tonawanda with the island were built 28 years apart. One opened in 1935, one in 1963. Which one opened first?
The southbound-only bridge
At 382 people, according to the 2010 census, this is the smallest village by population in Erie County.
What is the name of the spot on Goat Island where people stand at the brink of the Horseshoe Falls?
Terrapin Point
The Hootysapperticker is the name of a real bridge in Western New York. In what community is it located?
The Tonawanda Indian Reservation
Around what focal point in Leolyn Woods are "mediumship demonstrations" held at Lily Dale?
Inspiration Stump
Armor, Pinehurst and Water Valley are hamlets in what Erie County town?
What Lake Ontario beachfront community has a relatively small population but attracts a few thousand "polar bears" every winter?
Several bridges pass over the Erie Canal from Albany to Buffalo, but where will you find the only road that runs under it?
A county, a town, a village, a river and a state park, all in the Southern Tier, share the same name, though not the same spelling. What is the name?
Allegany (county, town, village and state park), Allegheny (river)
A man who worked for the Holland Land Company is generally credited with surveying the land that would become the communities of Western New York. Who was he?
Joseph Ellicott
According to the book "Peak Experiences," you can find the highest elevation in Erie County on a hill that reaches about 1,940 feet above sea level in what town?
Cheektowaga is home to parts or all of two villages. What are they?
Depew and Sloan
Which of our two Great Lakes has a greater average depth, Erie or Ontario?
Ontario (and it's not even close. Erie's average depth is 62 feet, while Ontario's is 283)
Buffalo Mayor James Griffin had a cameo role in the movie "Best Friends," a flick that starred Burt Reynolds and Goldie Hawn. What role did Griffin play?
A hockey coach
Which actress was nominated for an Academy Award in her role in "The Natural," the 1984 movie filmed in Buffalo?
Glenn Close
At what live music venue in Buffalo did Goo Goo Dolls guitarist/vocalist John Rzeznik once work as a "barback"?
The Continental
How many times did the Rolling Stones perform in concert at Rich Stadium?
4 (1975, 1978, 1981, 1997)
Name the Kenmore-born bassist and former member of Talas who went on to international fame in the 1980s and 1990s and is now considered one of the greatest electric bassists of the past 30 years.
Billy Sheehan
On Dec. 8, 1980, the night John Lennon was murdered, what band was appearing at the Stage One music club on Main Street in Clarence?
Who once sang, "If I had my way, I'd shuffle off to Buffalo/Sit by the lake and watch the world go by"?
John Fogarty in the song "Rock and Roll Girls"
What Buffalo native starred in the movies "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World," "The Producers" and "What Did You Do in the War, Daddy?"
Dick Shawn
A local anchorman who is on his second go-round in Buffalo had a recurring role on the television series "Arrested Development." Who is he?
John Beard
What Buffalo State College graduate created the HBO drama "Oz" and wrote and produced "St. Elsewhere" and "Homicide: Life on the Street"?
Tom Fontana
What local TV anchor was once named Miss New York State?
Maryalice Demler
The actor and star of the FOX show "Bones" is the son of a local television legend. Who is the actor, and who is his father?
David Boreanaz, son of Dave Thomas (of "Rocketship 7" and "Dialing for Dollars" fame)
What former Channel 7 General Manager later ran "Good Morning America" for ABC?
Phil Beuth
This Buffalo-born actress has been nominated for 10 Emmy Awards for her roles on "The Good Wife," "The Big Bang Theory," "Frasier," and "Cybill." Who is she?
Christine Baranski (who won the first time she was nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, "Cybill" in 1995)
This instrumental song was first used as the theme of the Tommy Shannon radio show on WKBW before it was released in 1962 by Buffalo band The Rockin' Rebels and reached No. 8 on the Billboard charts. What was it?
Wild Weekend
Many television shows have a connection to Buffalo, but this sitcom starring Dabney Coleman that premiered in 1983 was set in Buffalo. What was it?
"Buffalo Bill"
Name the fictional character who was featured in radio, television and movies who sprang from the mind of Lafayette High School graduate Fran Striker.
The Lone Ranger
Grown-ups knew him as the Channel 7 weatherman, but children of the 1960s and 1970s knew him as the reason to race home from school to turn on the TV. What was his name and the name of his show?
Tom Jolls and "The Commander Tom Show"
"Tenor Joe Byron" sang the Canadian and U.S. national anthems before Sabres' games in Memorial Auditorium. He was one-half of a musical pre-game pair. Who typically accompanied Byron on the organ?
Norm Wullen
Which suburban high school did Rick James attend?
Orchard Park
It's not hard to remember what year the Blizzard of '77 struck. But what was the date?
January 28th
What type of animal, discovered in Scajaquada Creek in 2001, was given the nickname "Scajaquada Jack"?
An alligator
In the 1830s, a devastating epidemic broke out in Buffalo that caused the deaths of about 120 people within two months. What was the disease?
A local record that has stood for more than 65 years occurred on August 27th, 1948. What is it?
98.6, which was rounded up in official records to 99 degrees
A treasure trove of mastodon artifacts was found by archaeologists at the Hiscock Site. In what Genesee County town is the site located?
What prehistoric Lake Erie fish can live to be 150 years old?
A plan to build a dramatic Niagara River cable-stayed bridge with towers taller than the Washington Monument was derailed in 2008 because of concerns that its height would jeopardize the future of a threatened bird species. What species was it?
The common tern
What local resident created the first heart pacemaker successfully implanted in a human?
Wilson Greatbatch
Compared with snow, wind, and even rain, these naturally occurring events do not have much of an impact on the lives of Western New Yorkers, but a center devoted to their study is located here. What are they?
When he lived in Angola, Willis Haviland Carrier might not have had as much use for his invention as the hundreds of millions of people who can't imagine life without it today. What did he invent?
The air conditioner
Following the September 11th terrorist attacks in 2001, NBC Nightly News anchor Tom Brokaw received a letter contaminated with the lethal substance anthrax. His desk and other furnishings were brought from New York City to Western New York for disposal. Where were they taken?
CWM Chemical Services in Porter
Before he was known as a generation of TV viewers as the host of "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdown," this man served as curator of the Buffalo Zoo. Who was he?
Marlin Perkins
What local park, beloved by runners and outdoor enthusiasts alike, is home to an "eternal flame" located behind a waterfall and fed by natural gas?
Chestnut Ridge
When Herbert A. Hauptman died in 2011, a Buffalo News editorial said he was "among the short list of great individuals who have contributed to mankind and, by their involvement and residence in Buffalo, represented a point of pride for all of us here." In what field did Hauptman win a Nobel Prize?
Where in Hamburg could you find something 380 million years old, with a little digging?
The Penn Dixie Paleontological and Outdoor Education Center
About 300 American soldiers from what conflict are buried in the middle of Delaware Park?
The War of 1812
A Buffalo-made automobile won an around-the-world race in 1908. What kind of car was it?
A Thomas Flyer
Who was the first man to occupy the mayoral suite in current City Hall?
Charles Roesch, who was mayor when the City Hall opened in 1931
Who was the last Buffalo mayor to advance to a higher office?
Grover Cleveland, who was elected governor in 1882 before being elected president in 1884
What man is credited with designing the first commercial grain elevator in the early 1840s?
Joseph Dart
President William McKinley was not killed instantly after he was shot by Leon Czolgosz on September 6th, 1901 at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo. How many days did he live after being shot?
Eight, before dying of an infection September 14th
In his lifetime, President Millard Filmore lived in East Aurora and Buffalo, but where was he born?
In a log cabin in Summerhill, NY, in Cayuga County
Nowadays, you can get Mighty Taco almost anywhere in Western New York, including the suburbs of Rochester. On what area street was the locally famous chain's first restaurant?
Hertel Avenue (1247, to be exact)
Architect Frank Lloyd Wright was personally commissioned by Darwin Martin to build Martin's home on Jewett Parkway and a summer retreat on Lake Erie. Another project Martin commissioned from Wright was not completed until 2004. Where in Buffalo is it located?
Forest Lawn. It is the Blue Sky Mausoleum
This man served two terms as Buffalo mayor and co-founded one of the largest express companies in the country, accomplishments that explain why a street in Buffalo and a city in North Dakota are named for him. Who was he?
William G. Fargo
Teressa Bellissimo brought culinary fame to her hometown when she created the Buffalo-style chicken wing at the Anchor Bar. In what year did that occur?
Jack Kemp was on the losing Republican ticket when he ran for vice president in 1996. What Lockport Republican met the same fate 32 years earlier?
William Miller
After peaking in 1950 at 580,132, the population of the City of Buffalo dropped below 300,000 according to the 2000 census. Before that, when was the last time a census count showed a city population under 300,000?
Two iconic Buffalo buildings had their official openings within days of each other in October 1940. What are they?
Memorial Auditorium and Kleinhans Music Hall
The world knows him as the man who designed New York City's Central Park, but around here, we know him as the designer of several parks and parkways, including Delaware Park. Who was he?
Frederick Law Olmsted
The oldest continually run public foot race in North America happens in Buffalo every year. What is it?
The Turkey Trot
Before he became notorious, O.J. Simpson was famous for holding the record for most rushing yards in a season with 2,003. In what year did he set that record?
This future Baseball Hall of Famer made his debut with the Bisons in 1966, playing one game before suffering a broken thumb that ended his season. In 1967, he returned for the full season before being called up to his parent club. Who was he?
Johnny Bench
The Sabres chose Gilbert Perreault with their first draft pick in 1970. What other expansion team- that is also Stanley Cup-less- was in the running to build its franchise around Perreault?
Vancouver Canucks
The Sabres have played in the Stanley Cup Finals twice in their history. What years?
1975 and 1999
Before he coached the Bills to four Super Bowls, Marv Levy served as the head coach of what other NFL team?
Kansas City Chiefs
The Bills defeated the Los Angeles Raiders, 51-3, in the AFC Championship game to play in Super Bowl XXV. What team did the Bills defeat to get to the AFC Championship that year?
Miami Dolphins
Bob Lanier was a basketball star at St. Bonaventure University before becoming an NBA star with the Detroit Pistons. Even earlier than that, he was a star for what Buffalo high school?
In April 1996, the Sabres played their last game at the old "Aud" against the Hartford Whalers. This future captain scored the last goal in the building's history.
Michael Peca
in January 1993, the Bills trailed the Houston Oilers, 35-3, in the AFC Wild Card playoff. Who scored the Bills' first touchdown in their epic comeback win?
Kenny Davis
The Bills made the playoffs only once during the 1970s. In that lone playoff game in 1974, who was their opponent?
Pittsburgh Steelers, who went on to win the Super Bowl
In 1997, the Sabres won a playoff series in seven games- the only time that happened- by defeating the Ottawa Senators, 4-3. Who scored the overtime series winner?
Derek Plante
The seats in Memorial Auditorium were segmented by four colors. What were they?
Gold, red, blue, orange
In 1972, the Buffalo Braves drafted Bob McAdoo, who went on to be one of the greatest shooting forwards of all time and a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame. What college did he attend?
University of North Carolina
What future World Series-winning major league manager pitched for the Bisons in both War Memorial Stadium and the park now known as Coca-Cola Field?
John Farrell, current manager of the Boston Red Sox
The winningest left-handed pitcher in Major League History was born in Buffalo. Who was he?
Warren Spahn (363 wins)
What tennis prodigy and former Grand Island resident played in the semifinals of the 1983 US Open?
Jimmy Arias
One of the most best-known quotes in the tenure of Mayor James Griffin came when he advised snow-weary residents to "Stay inside, grab a six-pack and watch a good football game." But which football game was he referring to?
Super Bowl XIX, played January 20th, 1985 between the Miami Dolphins and the San Francisco 49ers
When asked how he had put back on all the weight he had lost, the occasionally portly former Niagara University basketball coach responded, "It just snacked up on me." Name him.
Frank Layden
Scotty Bowman could not get a Stanley Cup for the Sabres when he was their coach, but he was behind the bench for teams that won cups in three other cities. Name them.
Montreal, Pittsburgh, and Detroit