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  1. Ratification of an amendment must come within this time limit.
    a.six months
    b.the president's term years year
  2. Article II of the Constitution
  3. federal bureaucracy
  4. elevated Supreme Court's status
  5. Direct election of senators to Congress occurred because of:
    a.the original wording in article one
    b.the original wording in article two
    c.the bill of rights
    d.a constitutional amendment
  1. a department and agencies in the executive branch
  2. b years
  3. c d.a constitutional amendment
  4. d judicial review
  5. e describes the executive branch

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  1. federalism
  2. A) expressed powers
  3. d.national convention.
  4. b.Judicial review
  5. ratification

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  1. Constitutional Interpretations Compare the philosophies of judicial activism and judicial restraint, and explain how each affects the separation of powers.Judicial activism is the belief that the Supreme Court, through its decisions, should take an active role in shaping the nation's policies. Judicial restraint calls for the Court merely to rule on the constitutionality of acts without regard to social and political problems and consequences. Judicial activism weakens the separation of powers by involving the Court in what are traditionally executive and legislative functions. Judicial restraint reinforces separation of powers.


  2. Only the Virginia Declaration of Rights and the Bill of Rights granted freedom of speech, the press, and religion. T/Fb.executive agreement


  3. The president can check Congress by this power.
    c.separation of power enactment
    d.judicial review


  4. This action between the President and the head of a foreign government does NOT require congressional approval.
    b.executive agreement
    c.prior restraint
    d.poll tax
    b.executive agreement


  5. What did President Gerald Ford mean when he said "our Constitution works"? How did the U.S. Constitution effectively resolve the crisis caused by President Nixon?elastic clause