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  1. Article III of the Constitution
  2. petition
  3. This section of the Constitution states why it was written.
    b.Bill of Rights
  4. agreement between heads of state
  5. The full faith and credit clause, allowing states to recognize legal procedures such as marriage, is contained in this article.
    a.article three
    b.article four
    c.article five
    d.article six
  1. a executive agreement
  2. b appeal
  3. c b.article four
  4. d c.Preamble
  5. e describes the Supreme Court

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  1. a.federal bureaucracies
  2. Students should realize that the functions of Congress would likely be limited to its enumerated powers and that its power to govern almost certainly would be diminished. Congress also would have more difficulty adapting its powers to meet the nation's changing needs.
  3. ratification
  4. federalism
  5. d.A treaty needs congressional approval while an executive agreement does not.

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  1. gives Congress the right to make all laws "necessary and proper"elastic clause


  2. Which document granted all of the rights and freedoms listed in the chart?
    a.Magna Carta
    b.English Bill of Rights
    c.Bill of Rights
    d.Virginia Declaration of Rights
    c.Bill of Rights


  3. To protect liberty and specify its powers, the Framers gave Congress
    A) expressed powers
    B) judicial reviews
    C) executive powers
    D) judicial restrain
    a.federal bureaucracies


  4. A(n) ______ called by Congress is a method for proposing amendments that has never been used.Answers will vary. Students should recognize that a specially elected convention would require more planning and be more costly than a proposal by Congress and ratification by state legislatures. Also, some people believe that a convention might not limit itself to a specific amendment.


  5. Chief Justice Earl Warrenappeal


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