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Hero's Journey


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Joseph Campbell
Discovered the Hero's Journey
Term used by Campbell to describe the journey found throughout many myths and cultures--meaning one story
Star Wars
George Lucas said the monomyth was the inspiration for this film
Number of steps in the journey we are studying
Ordinary World
Step 1: The hero's home or safe haven
Call to Adventure
Step 2: Presents a challenge or quest that must be undertaken
Refusal of the Call
Step 3: Fears and insecurities surface
Meeting the Mentor
Step 4: Someone helps to gain confidence, insight, advice, training, or magical gifts
Crossing the Threshold
Step 5: Finally committed to the journey; move to the special world
Test, Allies, Enemies
Step 6: First look at the special world, its conditions, and inhabitants who come in many forms
Approach the Inmost Cave
Step 7: Make preparation, review, plan, relax, rekindle morale, etc.
The Ordeal
Step 8: The central life-or-death crisis, facing the greatest fear
Step 9: Comes in many forms--magical sword, an elixir, greater knowledge, reconciliation, etc.
The Road Back
Step 10: Must recommit and complete the journey back to ordinary world
The Resurrection
Step 11: Most dangerous meeting with death; represent a "cleansing"
Return with the Elixir
Step 12: Life-changing quest and an ability to save their own world
A recurrent symbol, character, or motif in literature, art, or mythology
Main character in stories; everyone is this in their own myth
Villains, enemies, or perhaps the enemy within. This could be repressed possibilities or potential for evil
Conscience or guiding principles
Person or event which brings the call to adventure
Threshold Guardians
Force that stands in the way at important turning points
Creatures who change shape, or change itself
Clowns and mischief-makers
Help the hero through the quest
Offers danger to the hero (femme fatale)