Latin III Vocab XVII (Cic)

19 terms by ZED

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to survey, behold, observe, consider


closest, very close

paeniteo, paenitere, paenitui

to cause to repent, to displease


"more intently"

defigo, defigere, defixi, defixum,a,us

to fasten, fix upon



arceo, arcere, arcui, arcutm,a,us

to shut in, enclose

volvo, volvere, volvi, volutum,a,us

to roll, turn about, turn or roll oneself round about, turn or roll along

subicio, subicere, subieci, subiectum,a,us

to throw, lay, place, bring under


healthful, wholesome, beneficial, advantageous

fulgor, fulgoris

m., gleam, brightness, splendor




adv., below, beneath

temperatio, temperationis

f., due mingling or tempering of ingredients, fit proportion, symmetry, temperament



compleo, complere, complevi, completum,a,us

to fill up

comes, comitis

m., companion, (in our text) satellite



accendo, accendere, accendi, accensum,a,us

to set on fire, light up, illuminate

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