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Symbolic interaction

interaction between people that takes place through the use of symbols


a systematic explanation of the relationship among phenomena

Karl Marx

the sociologist who believed that the economy influences social structure

Functionalist perspective

theoretical perspective that views society as a set of interrelated parts that work together to produce a stable social system.

Social psychology

Social science taught in both the psychology and sociology departments


A positive consequence an element of society has for the stability of society.

social darwinism

model of society based on survival of the fittest

Emile Durkheim

First sociologist to apply the systematic methods of science to study society


anything that stand for something else and has a shared meaning attached to it.


Social science closest to sociology in its subject matter

Herbert Spencer

Popularized the evolution theory and applied principles of biology to it

theoretical perspective

general set of assumptions about the nature of phenomena

Ideal type

a description comprimised of the essential characteristics of a feature of society.

Manifest function

intended and recognized consequence of some element of society

functionalist perspective

theoretical perspective that follows the tradition of Herbert Spencer and Emile Durkheim

Auguste Comte

Person considered to be the founder of sociology


observable fact or event

Max Weber

Sociologist who developed the concept of the ideal type


Elements of society that can be manifest or latent

symbolic interaction

Theoretical perspective that emphasizes the use of symbols


The discipline that studies society and social behavior.


the empathetic understanding of the meaning others attach to their actions

social science

any discipline that studies some aspect of society

Charles Darwin

Herbert Spencer was influenced by his work

Conflict perspective

The theoretical perspective that focuses on the forces in society that promote competition and change.


The concept of Verstehen was introduced by this sociologist

interactionist perspective

The theoretical perspective that focuses on how individuals interact with one another in society.

conflict sociologists

What type of sociologist would be interested in studying the differences in the salaries of men and women?

latent function

Is an unintended recognized consequnce of an element in society.

Social interaction

How people relate to one another and influence each others behavior is called.

Feminist perspective

Viewing society as as a sex/gender system in which men dominate women.


Negative an element has for the stability of the social system.

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