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Gold Coast
area was renamed Ghana; land had rich deposits of gold in 1800s
African Union (AU)
19 members from the 54 nations that work together for peace and security
Scramble for Africa
the growth of European colonies in Africa
Berlin Conference
a series of meetings in Germany held by European nations (1884-85) that discussed how Africa's land should be divided
civil war
fighting between 2 or more regions or groups in the same country
Mau Mau
Kenyan group who believed FORCE was the only way for its independence from British rule
F.W. de Klerk
president of South Africa who helped end apartheid and spoke in support of multi-racial democratic South Africa.
triangular trade
a pattern of exchange that occurred between Europe, the Americas, and Africa
preplanned murder of an entire national, racial, political, or ethnic group (like in Rwanda)
Pan Africanism
unity among all Africa; the idea that there is a global African community across the world
any ethnic group that must leave their homeland, and is dispersed throughout other parts of the world
laws created to enforce segregation of people by race in South Africa
nationalist movements
actions that seek independence for the people living in a country
Nelson Mandela
fought nonviolently against apartheid; imprisoned for 27 years
New Imperialism
a fierce competition between European countries for land and power at the end of the 19th century
belief that one ethnicity is better than another; rise of slavery marked this belief system
impact of partitioning
long term conflicts (war), land ownership, starvation, disease, new borders, & tribal divisions resulted in European colonization in Africa
poor crowded area that were far away from cities (without electricity and water)
economic sanctions
trade restrictions and embargoes used to punish or pressure a violating country
African National Congress (ANC)
organization whose goal was to bring people of all ethnic groups together and to fight for rights and freedoms

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