AP US History Terms

An interpretation of Puritan beliefs that stressed God's gift of salvation and minimized what an individual could do to gain salvation;identified with Anne Hutchinson.
Enumerated Articles
Under the English Navigation Acts, those commoditis that could be shipped only to England or other English colonies; originally included sugar, tobacco, cotton, and indigo
Settlement of Jamestown
English plant colonies in North America
Ratification of Constitution Judiciary Act of 1789
End of Articles of Confederation, stronger central government
Jefferson's election (rev. of 1800)
peaceful transition of power, end of federalist rule (except in courts)
Missouri Compromise
First of a series of compromises over the issue of slavery
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
End of Mexican American War
US entry into world war I
US tries to be neutral - Neutrality Acts
Tariff of 1824
35% tax on imports
Walker Tariff of 1846
revenue producer due to heavy imports
Gibbens vs. Ogden
Clarified the commerce clause and affirmed congressional power over interstate commerce
Commonwealth vs. Hunt
Declared that labor unions were lawful organizations and that the strike was a lawful weapon