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  1. retrospect
  2. ribald
  3. revile
  4. rhetorician
  5. reversion
  1. a A view or contemplation of something past.
  2. b A return to or toward some former state or condition.
  3. c Indulging in or manifesting coarse indecency or obscenity.
  4. d To heap approach or abuse upon.
  5. e A showy writer or speaker.

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  1. Looks or acts expressing amused contempt.
  2. Operative on, affecting, or having reference to past events, transactions, responsibilities.
  3. The art of discourse.
  4. To unite or join again, as after separation.
  5. Rapt or rapturous utterance.

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  1. retrospectiveLooking back on the past.


  2. revereTo return, or turn or look back, as toward a former position or the like.


  3. roteTo regret extremely.


  4. reverentTo regard with worshipful veneration.


  5. revocationA disclosing, discovering, or making known of what was before secret, private, or unknown.