Lower extremity

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lower extremity

os coxa

aka hip bone, is formed by the fusion of 3 bones
1. ilium
2. ischium (ISS-kee-um)
3. pubis

pelvic girdle

the two os coxae are fused posterior to the sacrum and coccyx and this forms the pelvic girdle


one of three bones to form the os coxa

largest and most superior


one of three bones to form the os coxa

lowest portion of os coxa

posterior, inferior portion of the pelvis


one of three bones to form the os coxa

anterior portion of the os coxa


the 3 os coxa bones come together to form a cup-like structure

this cup on the lateral surface holds the ball-shaped head of the femur.

hip socket

greiliac crest

superior margin of the ilium. when placing hands on hips they rest on the iliac crests

sacroiliac joint

the posterior of the ilium articulates w/the sacrum at the sacroiliac joint


triangular bone that is formed by 5 fused vertebrae. this vertebrae and the 2 os coxa form the pelvis.

the sacrum articulates with these bones at the sacroiliac joints


the most inferior portion of the vertebral column

articulates superiorly w/the sacrum

anterior superior iliac spine/process

higher projection on the lateral end of the iliac crest

anterior inferior iliac spine/process

lower projection on the lateral end of the iliac crest

the projection ends just above the superior edge of the acetabulum

posterior superior iliac spine/process

a projection on the posterior medial surface of each ilium, at the medial end of the iliac crest

posterior inferior spine/process

the projection is below the the posterior superior iliac spine/process

greater sciatic notch

just below the posterior inferior iliac spine

symphysis pubis

a cartilaginous joint wherer the pubis (pubic) bones of each side meet

obturator foramen

large hole in the anterior surface of the coxal bone, formed by the pubis and ischium

ischial tuberosity

a rough projection on the lower portion of the ischium

body rests on when sitting

ischial spine

pointed projection just above the ischial tuberosity


bone of the thigh

head of femur

rounded ball-like head

greater trochanter

a large process that projects superiorly from the junction of the neck and shaft of the femur

lesser trochanter

a smaller projection on the medial surface of the femur

medial condyle

large rounded process on the medial distal end of the femur

lateral condyle

large rounded process on the lateral distal end of the femur


the bond that forms the kneecap


larger bone on the medial side of the lower leg, aka=shin bone

medial condyle of tibia

large process on the medial proximal end of tibia

articulates w/ the medial condyle of the femur

lateral condyle of tibia

large process on the lateral proximal end of tibia

articulates w/ the lateral condyle of the femur and the head of the fibula

tibial tuberosity

roughened protrusion just below the condyles on the ANTERIOR surface of the tibia

medial malleolus

a large bony prominence on the medial surface of the distal end of the tibia


the smaller bone on the lateral side of the lower leg

head of fibula

enlargement on the proximal end of the fibula

lateral malleolus

bony projection on the lateral surface of the distal end of the fibula


ankle bones


heel bone, largest of the tarsals


the large bone on the top of the foot


the instep of the foot


toes of the foot

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