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PBIS Energy Learning Set 2-Expanded Version


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potential energy
energy that is stored to be transformed at a later time.
kinetic energy
the energy an object has because of its motion
elastic potential energy
stored energy released when an object's shape is changed either by compression or stretching
3 objects that show elastic energy
bouncy balls, springs, and rubberbands
gravitational potential energy
stored energy of an object based on its position above the ground.
2 factors that affect the kinetic energy of an object
mass and velocity
2 factors which determine the amount of GPE are...
height and mass
The higher the object is placed, the _____________ gravitational energy it has.
The less mass an object has, the ______________ gravitational energy is has.
a way to increase (or decrease) an object's energy by using a force to change the object's motion or position.
The equation for power is
work divided by time
The equation for work is
force times distance
a push or pull that acts on an object.
squeezed or pressed together.
the force of attraction between any two masses.
a collection of objects that interact.
mechanical energy
the sum of the kinetic energy, gravitational potential energy, and elastic potential energy in a system.
kinetic energy + potential energy=
mechanical energy
conservation of mechanical energy
if there is no friction or air resistance, the mechanical energy of a system changes only if the system does work on something else or energy is added from outside the system.
In a closed system, the total energy transforms back and forth between potential energy and __________ energy and ____ energy is lost.
kinetic, no
control variables
conditions or procedures that are held constant.
independent variable
a factor that is changed to affect changes in the dependent variables.
dependent variable
a factor that is affected by changes in the independent variable
to find the meaning of something.
a pattern or a tendency you can see over a broad range of data.
An example of a trend is
as the kinetic energy increases, the potential energy decreases
a statement that draws a conclusion about a set of facts or data.
the rate at which speed changes.
change in shape because of an applied force.
An example of a deformity is
a spring being compressed
ability of a material to return to its original shape after it is deformed.
The higher the elastic energy, the higher the ability to be _______________ ____ ________________.
stretched or compressed
elastic limit
limit beyond which a deformed material does not return to its original shape.
An example of elastic limit
stretching a rubberband until it breaks
the rate at which work is done
unit of power
unit of energy
1st criteria for work to be done is
a force needs to be applied to the object
2nd criteria for work to be done is
the object has to change its motion or position
3rd criteria for work to be done is
the object has to move or change position in the same direction as the force