Physio Psych Exam 1

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1. Aristotle thought that the brain's major function was to
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dorsal roots are motor and ventral roots are sensory (t or f)true12. Which of the following is not classified as part of the metencephalon?medulla13. The structures of the limbic system are particularly implicated inemotion and learninghow many pairs of cranial nerves12Unipolar neurons are especially common in the visual system. (t or f)true16. Which of the following is not a consequence of parasympathetic activation?increased heart ratedendrites arethe input of a nerve cell18. Which of the following glial cells have sucker-like extensions that contact blood vessels?astrocytes19. Which region of the cortex is crucial for motor control?precentral gyrus20. Which of the following regions of the brain does not make up part of the telencephalon?tectum21. Which type of cell is responsible for myelination within the central nervous system?ogliodendrocytes22. Which of the following statements is not true about glia?there are fewer glia than nuerons in the CNS23. The basal ganglia are particularly implicated inmotor control24. The brain and spinal cord are wrapped in protective membranes known collectively as thed. meninges.25. When initiating an action sequence of walking, neuronal messages are traveling to the legs via:ventral spinal cord26. The damage to Phineas Gage's brain primarily affected his:interpersonal skills27. Which area of the brain has been implicated in the initiation of dreaming?hypothalamus28. The pituitary gland is under the regulatory control of thehypothalamus29. Based on the information they generally carry, unipolar neurons would most commonly be found in the:dorsal spinal cord30. Which of the following neuroimaging techniques involves the injection of radioactive tracers and is used to obtain images of brain activity rather than brain function?PET scan31. The gaps between segments of myelin are known asnodes of ranvier32. In general, the action potential is first initiated at theaxon hillock33. The substance tetrodotoxin (TTX), found in the pufferfish, is useful for studying the mechanisms of the neuron because ita. selectively blocks sodium channels.34. A ligand is ad. substance that binds to receptor molecules at the surface of the cell.35. Most IPSPs are attributable to thec. opening of chloride channels.36. Electrostatic pressure derives fromb. the distribution of electrical charges.37. Postsynaptic potentials (Inhibitory and/or Excitatory) are a type ofd. graded potential.38. The simplest neural circuit is theb. feedback circuit.39. The absolute refractory period refers to the brief period of timeb. during which the same neuron cannot fire another action potential.40. The resting membrane potential isb. partially established by the uneven distribution of ions across the membrane.41. The inside of the neuron is relatively poor in _______ ions and rich in _______ ions.Sodium, potassium42. Saltatory Conduction results in:greater speed and less use of energy43. Which type of axon is likely to have the slowest conduction speed?small diameter , unmyelinatedsodium channels on an axon arevoltage gatedwhats the normal order of neural developmentb. Neurogenesis, synaptogenesis, apoptosis46. Botulinum toxin exerts its affects _________ by blocking ________ channels on the presynaptic cell.c. Antagonistically, Sodium47. In the falling phase of an action potential, which describes the correct sequence of events?b. Potassium rushes out of the axon, Relative refractory period occurs, Absolute refractory period occurs48. Much of the energy that the brain expends is used ford. maintaining ionic gradients.