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Which office is responsible for administering the Navy food service program?
What are activities that assist ashore and afloat commands in raising the quality of food service? (Page 1-2)
Navy Food Management Teams (NFMTs
overall responsible for the administration of the General Mess (
Commanding officer
Who provides assistance to the Food Service Officer (FSO) for establishment of food service attendant manning requirements
Executive officer
Who is responsible for procuring, receiving, storing, issuing, shipping, transferring, selling, accounting for, and maintaining all stores of the command?
supply officer
Who is responsible for supervising the food service division to ensure that the organization and operation follow all applicable regulations, orders, and directives?
food service officer
How often at a minimum must the Food Service Officer (FSO) conduct walk-throughs of food service spaces
How often at a minimum must the Leading Culinary Specialist (CS) conduct walk- throughs of food service spaces
Who serves as the command's official host to the patrons of the food service facility
Mess deck master at arms
What is the quantity of material normally required to be on hand to sustain operations for a stated period without augmentation?
Average endurance level
What is the stock position that signals the need to initiate replenishment action which includes the sum of stocks represented by the safety level and the order and shipping time
Low limit
How often must a review of supply demand of all Subsistence Ledgers (NAVSUP Form 335) be conducted to maintain the current in-stock inventory for all items with a recurring demand within the prescribed limitations?
How often must a low and a high limit be established for each item of stock? (Page 1- 6)
What is the maximum quantity of food items to be maintained on hand and on order to sustain current operations
High limit
Which type of accounting procedure is used by all General Mess (GMs) whereby activities account for receipts and expenditures of food items under the subsistence appropriation
End use
What is the General Mess Summary Document form number?
What represents the quantity of food required to serve one person three meals daily
Ration credit
Ration credit may not exceed which ration per person per day?
Who must ensure that the General Mess (GM) operation does not exceed the monthly or reporting period's authorized monetary allowance amount?
What is a set quantity of food required to provide a nutritionally adequate daily diet for one person and can be defined by components or monetary value?
Basic daily food allowance
What is the principal food service report?
NAVSUP form 1359
When it is anticipated that a Navy General Mess (GM) will be temporarily closed or in an inactive status (for more than 30 days) for overhaul, remodeling, or renovation, an electronic-mail (e-mail) message must be forwarded to NAVSUP N413 via the TYCOM. The e-mail advises the closure date, reason for closure, and expected reopening date at least how many days prior to closure
Which month is the sale of meal rates released each
What was established to provide Navy personnel, and other personnel deemed eligible for subsistence by Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP), with wholesome, nutritious, well balanced meals through the proper preparation and service of food items?
General mess
Which publication establishes the policies to administrate, operate, and manage Navy General Messes (GMs) afloat and ashore?
What use on-the-job training to provide food service personnel with necessary skills in preparing and serving food?
Navy food management team
What are Navy Food Management Teams (NFMTs) directly responsible to for performance of their mission
Fleet logistic center
Who is responsible for issuing instructions for food service safety, precautions, sanitary regulations, and equipment operation?
Supply officer
Who is responsible for maintaining financial accountability and responsibility for all General Mess (GM) operations?
Food service officer
How many areas does the processes of food service management efficiency include?
What does the success or failure of a meal greatly depend on
Properly timed
What is the Food Preparation Worksheet form number
Navsup form 1090
The world's finest foods are provided for the Navy, but the food budget is limited. You must help keep the budget within reasonable limits. Waste increases costs. What is the simplest way to keep costs under control?
Which type of recipes are needed for a well-run food service operation?
What is the most effective management tool for guiding the requisitioning of supplies and controlling breakouts and inventories?
Armed forces recipe service
The Armed Forces Recipe Service (AFRS) standard includes preparation of how many portions?
What is the Suggestions to the Food Service Officer Form number?
The Food Service Officer (FSO) should evaluate all NAVSUP Form 1343 suggestions or comments and furnish a reply when requested within how many hours
Which type of letters designate personnel to act for another person or persons of higher authority?
Letter of authority
Which type of letters assign responsibility and authority to designated personnel to administer a specific function
Letter of appointment
Which size must all key padlocks be in addition to being of pin tumbler type, with either brass or bronze dead bolts?
Combinations on keyless padlocks will be changed at least once every how many
Who maintains files of accounting records and substantiating documents required for audits of subsistence, supply, and General Mess (GM) operation?
Food service officer
What is the science of the nourishment of the human body, the science of food?
Which system is an automated means for Navy food service personnel, both afloat and ashore, to perform all administrative and record keeping functions relating to the daily operations of a dining facility?
Food service management
The payment for all meals sold on a credit basis is required no later than how many days following the month in which the meals were sold?
Which form is used to substantiate sales from the GM and the ration credit claimed?
How often at a minimum should the Food Service Officer (FSO) review the DD Form 1544 (Cash Meal Payment Book)?
What is the Cash Meal Payment Book form number?
Who is responsible for collecting required basic charges and surcharges received from the sale of meals from the GM?
Where should the general key locker be located to provide centralized key control
Supply office
Which type of spaces consist of the ship's service activities such as the barber shop, tailor shop, dry-cleaning shop, and laundry
Group iv
Which type of spaces consist of the ship's retail and clothing stores, the fountain, vending machines, and related bulk storerooms
Group III
Which type of spaces consist of food service spaces including the galley, bake shop, bread room, vegetable preparation area, food service issue room, meat preparation area, refrigerated spaces, and food service storerooms?
Group II
Which type of spaces consist of all supply department and general stores spaces, including storerooms, special lockers, and related spaces, except when other security requirements are set forth by competent authority?
Group I
Navy nutrition standards are based on national standards, which include the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the National Academy of Sciences' Dietary Reference Standards, along with what else
Food guide pyramid
What were developed to promote a healthy lifestyle and reduce the risk of major chronic diseases through a proper diet of healthy foods and regular physical activity?
Dietary Guid lines for Americans
Some specific diseases linked to poor diet and physical activity includes cardiovascular disease, hypertension, osteoporosis, certain cancers, along with what else?
Type 2 Diabetes
What is any substance consisting essentially of protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins, and water that is used in the body to sustain growth, to build and repair tissues, to furnish energy, and to sustain the vital processes of the body?
. What is a quantity of food capable of producing a particular amount of energy?
How many essential nutrients are there?
Which essential nutrients have the function of supplying tissue building material for the body
rotein itself is a chemically complex organic substance that contains nitrogen in combination with carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen. In the process of digestion, these substances break down into smaller units called what?
Which essential nutrients provide twice as much energy and calories as carbohydrates or protein
Which essential nutrients are the main source of fuel/energy for the body and are generally low in calories and fat and high in fiber?
How many categories are carbohydrates broken down into?
Which type of carbohydrates are found in grains, vegetables, and legumes such as dried beans and split peas?
Which percent of our calories do nutritionists recommend should come from complex carbohydrates
Which percent of calories do nutritionists recommend should come from complex carbohydrates for athletes
What are carbohydrates stored in the muscles as?
Which type of carbohydrates are sugars such as glucose, sucrose (table sugar), and fructose?
Which mineral is important for bone structure?
Which mineral is needed for our red blood cells to transport oxygen?
What is the most abundant mineral in the body?
What percent of the body's calcium is found in bones? (
Which mineral is necessary for building bones and teeth?
. Which mineral carries oxygen in the blood?
What can a deficiency of iodine cause?
Which mineral maintains proper fluid balance in the body and helps muscles relax and contract properly
How many essential vitamins are there that the body needs to function normally?
Which four essential vitamins are fat soluble, are digested and absorbed with the help of fats from the diet, and can be stored in the body for long periods of time, mostly in fatty tissue and in the liver?
Which vitamin plays a very important role in eye function and in keeping the skin and mucous membranes resistant to infection?
Vitamin A
Which vitamin is not completely understood, but it is considered important in helping to maintain the cementing material that holds body cells together and is needed for wound healing; for development of blood vessels, bones, teeth, and other tissues; and for minerals to be used by the body?
Vitamin c
Which vitamin is needed for using calcium and phosphorus to build strong bones and teeth?
Vitamin d
Which vitamin helps preserve the cell tissues?
Vitamin E
Which vitamin is essential because it indirectly helps blood to clot?
Vitamin k
Which type of vitamins have a role in the nervous system, keep the digestive system working calmly, and help maintain a healthy skin?
Vitamin B
Which type of disease is prevented by Niacin?
What is the substance in blood that carries oxygen to the tissues?
Strict vegetarians run a risk of developing the symptoms of which deficiency?
Which essential nutrient is often forgotten and helps transport nutrients, remove waste, and regulate body temperature
Do not soak vegetables in water longer than necessary to freshen or clean them. Which vitamins will be dissolved by water?
B1 B2 and C
Scurvy can be caused by a lack of which vitamin?
Vitamin C
How many servings of milk, yogurt, and cheese per day is recommended by the food guide pyramid
. How many servings of Meat, Poultry, Fish, Dry Beans, Eggs, and Nuts does the food guide pyramid suggest per day?
How many servings per day of vegetables is recommended by the food guide pyramid?
How many servings per day of fruits is recommended by the food guide pyramid?
How many servings per day of breads, cereals, rice, and pasta is recommended by the food guide pyramid?
Which term in the Navy means devising meals that are nutritionally adequate and acceptable to the patrons?
Menu planing
Which system is an automated means for Navy food service personnel, both afloat and ashore, to perform all administrative and record keeping functions relating to the daily operations of a dining facility?
Food service management
Which form is a daily depiction of the Navy Standard Core Menu?
NAVSUP Form 1090 (Food Prep Worksheet)
All general messes with more than one CS assigned are required to use the NAVSUP Form 1090. The leading CS will prepare and sign the NAVSUP Form 1090 for each food preparation space. After signing, the leading culinary specialist places the document in the appropriate spaces. The leading CS uses experience and historical acceptability to predict attendance for each meal. The watch captains will review and sign the worksheet at least how many days before going on watch?
What should be the first consideration in advance menu planning
Balance requisitioning
The Armed Forces Recipe Service (AFRS), NAVSUP P-7 consists of a file of over how many recipes and recipe variations?
Which publication contains useful information on commodities, equipment for galley use, General Mess (GM) modernization, revisions to publications, suggested special events or holiday menus, nutrition, sanitation, training, hints on food preparation, food service operations, menu planning, and recordkeeping? (
Navsup p-476
What was developed to meet all required menu-planning standards and provide a menu to all navy ships?
How many kinds of menu boards are there?
How many roles in Navy life do meals have?
The first requisite to good cooking is an accurate knowledge of the items to be prepared. CS personnel have specific instructions on which foods to prepare, the recipe card number, the number of portions to prepare, time to start preparations, special instructions from the leading CS, and serving instructions. Which form are these instructions furnished on?
What consists of recipes including newly developed recipes and guideline cards with product usage and preparation information?
How many portions is each recipe in the Armed Forces Recipe Service (AFRS) designed to yield? (
Which term describes how the ingredients are to be combined and cooked and represents the best accepted cooking procedures?
What is the maximum capacity of the even balance scale with counterweights?
How many fluid ounces are there in one gallon?
What must be obtained to increase or decrease a recipe to obtain the desired number of portions? (
Working factor
What is the art of preparing food in such a way that it will appeal to the eye, be tasty, be easily digested, and furnish nourishment?
Protein foods that are not served immediately after they are cooked must be either chilled to temperatures of 41°F and lower (but not frozen) or held at or above which temperature?
Cooked protein foods that have been held at temperatures between 41°F and 135°F for more than how many hours should be considered unsafe for consumption and discarded?
Foods that are to be refrigerated should be placed in shallow pans to a depth of not more than how many inches and should be covered with lids or waxed paper and labeled?
What are the most effective management tool for guiding the requisitioning of supplies and controlling breakouts and inventory
Over how many tested recipes are contained in the Armed Forces Recipe Service?
What is defined as the quantity of cooked food that a recipe produces?
How many portions is the yield for each Armed Forces Recipe usually given for?
What is the key to determining the quantity of food to be prepared
Portion size
What indicate the Edible Portion (E.P.) quantity of the ingredient required to prepare the recipe for 100 portions?
Measure and weights
Which column on the recipe card describes how the ingredients are to be combined and cooked
Which term is defined as cooking by dry heat in an oven, either covered or uncovered?