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Brigade Notes- Culinary


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Chef de cuisine
- "Chief of the kitchen" who supervises all kitchen positions
- Responsible for quality for food and safety of guests and staff
Sous chef
- Second in command
- Assumes authority and responsibility in chef's absence
Chef de garde
- Night chef in 24-hour kitchen
- In charge after the chef leaves for the evening
Chef de partie
- Also called a station
- May be responsible for any kitchen workstation
- Responsible for making sauces
- Prepares sauteed and pan-fried items
- Prepares all fish and shellfish items
- May head the workstation
Garde Manger
- In charge of cold food station
- Make salads, dressing, fruit plates, cold appetizers, and buffet platters
Fry Cook
- Cooks deep-fried items
- Oversees preparation of vegetables, starches, egg dishes, and hot appetizers
- Makes all stocks, soups, and mother sauces
- Prepares and cooks vegetables
- When tasks are combined with those of the potager, called preparation station
Pastry Chef
- Head of the baking and pastry department
Pastry Cook
- Prepares sweets and pastries
- Works in the bakeshop during the daytime
- Makes breads and may also make breakfast pastries
- Typically works during the night and early morning hours
- Specialist who decorates cakes and pastries
- Also makes chocolate carvings or sugar sculptures
- Fills in for other staff members on their days off
- Also called the swing chef or roundsman
- An assistant
- Prepares staff's meals at large operations
- Reads the servers' food orders to the cooks
- Organizes finished dishes to prompt delivery
*Fewer cooks are needed in today's kitchens for a variety of reasons
- Smaller operatons
- Modern equipment
- More limited menus
Cross training is popular in the modern kitchen for the following reasons:
- Easier staff scheduling
- More flexibility in assigning jobs
- Easier to replace staff who are sick or quit
- Eases staff boredom with job
Maitre d'
- The person responsible for running the front of house
- Also known as the Dining Room Manager
- Assists the maitre d' in greeting guests
- May seat guests and answer phones
- Also known as the host or hostess
- Makes sure the tables are set correctly
- Responsible for taking customers orders and making sure other needs are met
- Provides assistance to the servers
- Delivers food or drinks to the server or the tables
- Refills water or clears tables
- Responsible for clearing or cleaning tables