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the study of the rights and duties of citizens


the status of a citizen with rights and duties

E Pluribus Unum

out of many, one

service economy

where the majority of people earn their living by providing a service rather than manufacturing a product


general principles or beliefs you use to make judgments

popular sovereignty

government by the consent of the governed


sets of ideas that people have about relationships, obligations, roles, and functions


legal process to obtain citizenship

dual citizenship

someone who enjoys rights in the United States and in another country


people who move permanently to a new country


the loss of citizenship through fraud or deception during the naturalization process


giving up one's citizenship by leaving one's native country to live in a foreign country


send them back to their own countries

resident alien

a person from a foreign country who has established permanent residence in the United States

nonresident alien

a person from a foreign country who expects to stay in the United States for a short, specified period


people fleeing their country to escape persecution

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