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Human Behavior Review Terms

sense that informs people about the position of their body
size constances
perception of someone/something from past exxperience (from here you look 2 in. tall but i know you're 5 ft from experience)
level of consciousness where you try to remember something from the past
first stage of sleep
lightest stage, brain waves are slow, lasts 30-40 min, no dreams, alpha waves to delta waves
rapid eye movement when you start to dream
sleep disorder.. inability to sleep
night terrors
sleep disorder... wake up thrashing around, gasping for air, nightmares
sleep apnia
sleep disorder... breathing interuptions during sleep
sleep walking
sleep disorder... involves getting up and walking around while unconscious
sleep disorder... involves suddenly falling asleep during the day
state of relaxation
altered state of consciousness when people respond to suggestions and act as if they are in a trance
ways in which hypnosis can be used
1. stop addiction
2. sedation for surgery
3. overcome fears
when a person needs a drug to feel normal
feelings of intoxication
1. don't think clearly
2. can't walk correctly
depressant that relieves pain or induces sleep
syptoms of withdrawl
1. diarheaa
2. vomiting
3. irritability
drug that increases activity in central nervous system
absolute threshold
weakest amount of stimulants that can be sensed
single detection theory
method of distinguishing sensory stimuli that takes into account strengths and weaknesses
difference threshold
minimum amount of difference that can be detected between two stimuli
part in your eye that changes size when you turn on/off the lights
sensory adaption
process where we become less sensitive to unchanging stimuli
way in which we organize or make sense of sensory impressions
way in which we group similar objects together
common fate
when you assume a group is going to the same place
perceptual constances
experince = perception
shape constances
how a shape changes but you know it's the same from experience
color constances
example: when a color of a shirt changes as you turn off the lights but you know it didnt really change
information hidden in your unconscious mind
altered states of consciousness
occurs when you doze off or are under the influence of something
circadiun rythms
biological clock.. what the level of consciousness depends on