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schell chapter 1 and 2

Covers how people came to America
Land Bridge Theory
the first Americans came to America by a land bridge during the last ice age
Incan Empire
the largest Native American Empire in America
Middle Ages
aka the dark ages which started with the fall of the Roman Empire and ended with the Renaissance Era
a holy war against Muslims who had taken over the holy land
Christopher Columbus
he sailed west to reach Asia but landed in the Americas
Columbian Exchange
transfer of people products and ideas from the Old World to the New
Spanish soldier-adventurers looking for riches, glory, and spreading Christianity
Hernan Cortes
he conquered the Aztec Empire for Spain
the leader of the Aztec Empire during Cortes's conquest
Francisco Pizzaro
he conquered the Inca Empire
small pox
a disease that killed many Native Americans
Northwest Passage
a sea route that passed through or around North America to Asia
an area or region set up by a country for natural resources and trade
New France
French colonies along the St. Lawrence and Mississippi Rivers
New Spain
Spanish colonies that stretched from N. America to the tip of S. America
economic policy of making colonies to create power and wealth
What was the first European country to set up a colony in America?
Where did Columbus think he was going when he sailed west from Spain?
In what present day country was the French settlement of New France?
What form of labor did Columbus bring to America?
slave labor
What country was able to establish an empire in America first?
What was the biggest factor in any Spanish victory over the Native Americans?
What church during the Middle Ages called for the crusades to free the Holy Land?
catholic church
What present day country was once home to the Aztec Empire?
What theory did scientist believe is the reason that the First Americans were able to make it to America?
land bridge theory
What was the most destructive tool used by Europeans to conquer the Native Americans?
Where were the British Colonies located?
atlantic coast
What was the most important long-term effect of the Crusades?
europe started looking for a water route to Asia to get goods like spice and silk