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secondary lesions

lesions that result in changes in primary lesions


gnawed away; loss of superficial epidermis, leaving an area of moisture but no bleeding (e.g. area of moisture after rupture of a vesicle)


an open sore on the skin or mucuous membrane that can bleed and scar; sometimes accompanied by infection (e.g. decubitus ulcer)


a scratch mark


a linear crack in the skin


a thin flake of exfoliated epidermis (e.g. dandruff)


a dried residue of serum (body fluid), pus, or blood on the skin (e.g. impetigo)

vascular lesions

lesions of a blood vessel

cherry angioma

a small, round, bright red blood vessel tumor on the skin; often on the trunk of the elderly

telangiectasia (spider angioma)

a tiny, red blood vessel lesion formed by the dilation of a group of blood vessels radiating from a central arteriole, most commonly on the face, neck, or chest
(telos = end)

purpuric lesions

purpura; lesions resulting from hemorrhages into the skin


spot; reddish-brown, minute hemorrhagic spots on the skin that indicate a bleeding tendency; a small purpura


bruise; a black and blue mark; a large purpura
(chymo = juice)

cicatrix of the skin

a mark left by healing of a sore or wound, showing the replacement of destroyed tissue by fibrous tissue
(cicatrix = scar)


an abnormal overgrowth of scar tissue that is thick and irregular
(kele = tumor)

epidermal tumors

skin tumors arising from the epidermis


a congenital malformation on the skin that can be epidermal or vascular; aka a "mole"

dysplastic nevus

a mole with precancerous changes


an epidermal tumor caused by a papilloma virus, aka a "wart"

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