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History-O, Tapestry of Grace, Year 2, Unit 1

c. 250-336 AD
Arius lives and teaches Arianism
325 AD
First Council of Nicaea (outlaws Arianism)
306-337 AD
Reign of Constantine the Great
395 AD
Roman Empire divided
400s-900s AD
Dark Ages
400s-1500s AD
Middle Ages
410 AD
Vandals sack Rome under Genseric
476 AD
Rome falls
529 AD
Justinian Code
570-632 AD
Life of Muhammad
622 AD
The Hegira
661 AD
Umayyad dynasty of calips established in Damascus
793-1000s AD
Viking Age
726 AD
Iconoclastic Controversy begins (Eastern Church)
732 AD
Charles Martel halts the expansion of Islam into Europe
c. 750 AD
Height of Muslim Empire
756 AD
Pepin confirms his Donation
756-1031 AD
Muslim Umayyad dynasty rules Spain
800 AD
Charlemagne crowned Holy Roman Emperor
843 AD
Treaty of Verdun
849-899 AD
Alfred the Great
911 AD
Treaty of St. Clair-sur-Epte (Charles III & Rollo)
919-936 AD
Henry the Fowler rules the German provinces
955 AD
Otto I defeats the Magyars at the Battle of Lechfeld
962-973 AD
Otto I reigns as Holy Roman Emperor
988 AD
Vladimir I makes Eastern Orthodox Christianity Russian
1000s-1200s AD
High Middle Ages
1016 AD
Leif Ericson winters in "Vinland"
1016-1042 AD
Canute (Dane) conquers England
c. 1020-1085
Hildebrand of Soana (Pope Gregory VII)
1054 AD
Church split
1066 AD
Battle of Hastings (William the Conqueror)
1076 AD
Investiture Controversy at Canossa
1095 AD
Urban II declares Crusades
1096-1099 AD
First Crusade
1170 AD
Thomas a Becket is murdered in Canterbury Cathedral
1189-1199 AD
Richard I, "The Lionheart," rules England
1204 AD
Crusaders capture and sack Constantinople
1206 AD
Genghis Khan declared supreme monarch of the Mongols
1208 AD
Francis of Assisi renounces his wealth
1215 AD
Magna Charta
c. 1225-1274 AD
Thomas Aquinas
1232 AD
Pope Gregory IX appoints first "inquisitors."
1254-1324 AD
Marco Polo
1256 AD
Kublai Khan becomes ruler of the Mongol Empire
1261 AD
Byzantines drive out the Crusaders
1305-1377 AD
Babylonian Captivity
c. 1320-1384 AD
John Wycliffe
1337-1453 AD
Hundred Years' War
1346 AD
Battle of Crecy
1347-1352 AD
Black Death kills a quarter of Europe's population
1368 AD
The Chinese recapture China from the Mongols (Ming dynasty)
1378-1417 AD
The Great Schism
1382 AD
English Bible completed (Wycliffe, et al)
1412-1431 AD
Joan of Arc
1414 AD
John Hus is burned at the stake
1415 AD
Battle of Agincourt
1453 AD
Constantinople falls to the Ottoman Turks
1455 AD
Johannes Gutenberg invents the printing press
1455-1485 AD
Wars of the Roses