General Science Module 1 Scientists

17 terms by AmyEliz12

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Destroyed the idea of the immutability of species


Demonstrated the First Law of Thermodynamics


He is best known for his model of the atom. It was named after him, and it revealed many of the atom's mysteries.


Discovered the Law of Mass Conservation


One of the first scientists


Ancient Greek scientist who believed in atoms


He developed the first detailed atomic theory and became known as the founder of modern atomic theory.


Determined how traits are passed on during reproduction


Considered the first modern scientist


Had two theories of relativity and was big in quantum mechanics

James Clerk Maxwell

Founder of modern physics


Championed the idea of spontaneous generation and is responsible for it being believed for so long


Proposed heliocentric system


Proposed geocentric system


One of the greatest scientists of all time, he laid down the laws of motion, developed the law of universal gravity, and invented calculus


Collected much data in favor of the heliocentric system but was forced to recant belief in it


First to propose that energy came in small "packets" called quanta

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