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Hot Words for the SAT Lesson 4

THAT'S ALL BEEN SAID BEFORE! BORING...ZZZZ Words Relating to Unoriginal, Dull, Played Out

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adj. dull or stale because of overuse; trite; hackneyed

To wake up and realize your adventure was all a dream is a ______ ending for a short story.
n. an idea or expression that has become stale due to overuse

"I'm so hungry I could eat a rhinoceros," gives an original twist to an old _____.
adj. unoriginal; taken from something already existing

"Write an original sci-fi story," instructed Mr. Schirmer, "not ________fiction drawn from 2001: A Space Odyssey or The Time
adj. made commonplace by overuse; trite (n. hack, one who copies or imitates the work of others)

Miss Cole, our poetry teacher, said, "Because poets aim to create new insights, they shun ___________ language."
adj. lacking flavor or taste; unexciting

The conversation at dinner was so ______ that Monica fell asleep at the table.
adj. lacking vitality, energy, or brightness; boring

Laura's _______ grades may prevent her from going to a top college.
adj. commonplace; ordinary

In contrast to the new and unusual, the _______ happenings of everyday existence are pretty dull.
n. quality of being dull; an obvious remark uttered as if it were original

How Rick's poem won an award for originality boggles my mind, since it consists of nothing but ___________.
adj. dull; commonplace

The novel Mr. and Mrs. Bridge is an indictment of an ordinary American couple who lead the dullest, most __________ life imaginable.
adj. unoriginal and stale due to overuse

Because my essay was filled with clichés, Mr. Gill red-penciled "_________" all over it.
adj. lacking freshness and zest; flat; stale

Behind every uninspiring, _________TV sitcom, you'll find an empty-headed producer, director, and screenwriter.

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