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Characteristics of Science


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Life Science
The study of living things
Scientific Method
An organized process that uses a series of steps to study things and find answers to questions
A prediction on the outcome of a test based on prior knowledge and that can be tested
Using the five senses to find information- usually recorded in a scientific investigation
All the possible factors that can change in an experiment
Independent Variable
The one factor that changes in an experiment
Dependent Variable
The factor that changes as a result of the experiment that is measured
A factor in an experiment that is left alone (does not change) and is used to compare your results against
A representation of an object, system or concept designed to show its structure or how it works
Scientific Theory
An explanation that ties together many related facts, observations and hypotheses. (Explains and predicts)
Scientific Law
A statement that summarizes many experimental results; tells what will happen in a situation and seems to be true all the time.