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cell (plasma)

composed of protein and phospholipid molecules,provides form to cell and controls passage of materials into and and out of cell.

cell wall

cellulose fibrilis, provides structure and reigidity to plant cell.


fluid to jelly-like substance, suspending medium of organelles.

endoplasmic reticulum

interconnecting hollow channels, supporting framework of cell; cell transport.


granules of nucleic acid


double layered sacs with cristae, production of ATP

Golgi apparatus

Flattened sacs with vacuoles, synthesizes carbohydrates and packages molecules for secretion.


membrane-surronded sacs of enzymes, digests foreign molecules and worn cells.


mass of two rod-like centrioles, organizes spindle fibers and assists mitosis.


membrane sacs, stores and excretes substances with the cytoplasm.

Fibrils and microtubles

protein strands, supports cytoplam and transports materials.

Cilia and flagella

cytopasmic extensions form cell, movement of particles along cell surface or move cell.


Nuclear membrane, nucleolus, and chromatin (DNA), direct cell activity; form ribosomes.


Inner (grans) membrane within outer membrane, photosynthesis.

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