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Cells and Heredity Chapter 1

The basic unit of living things.
Cell membrane
A protective covering that encloses the entire cell.
Eukaryotic cell
A cell where the genetic material is found inside the nucleus.
Prokaryotic cell
A cell where the genetic material is found inside the cytoplasm.
Gelatin-like material inside the cell membrane where most of the work of the cell is carried out.
A structure inside the cell that is enclosed by its own membrane which contains genetic material.
Any part of a cell that is enclosed by membrane.
Cell wall
A tough outer covering that lies just outside the cell membrane in plant cells.
Organelles found in plant cells that use the energy from the sun to make sugar.
Organelles in plant and animal cells that use oxygen to get energy from processing food.
Manufacture proteins inside the cell.
Organelles in plant cells that can hold water, waste, and other materials. They work with the cell membrane to move materials into or out of the cell.
Golgi apparatus
Takes the materials manufactured by the endoplasmic reticulum and finishes processing them.
Found in animal cells that break down materials taken into the cell.
Endoplasmic reticulum
A series of twisting and winding membranes that act as a cellular transport system inside the cell.
A group of similar cells that are organized to do a specific job.
Different tissues working together to perform a particular function.

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