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F451 Vocab


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Stolid; adj
Calm, dependable
Phoenix; n
A bird from classical mythology
Conjure; v
Implore someone to do something
Olfactory; adj
Relating to the sense of smell
Proclivities; n
Predisposition; tendency to do or choose something regularly
Odious; adj
Extremely unpleasant
Heresy; n
Opinion at odds with what is generally accepted
Ravenous; adj
Extremely hungry
Stagnant; adj
Showing no activity, sometimes of water
Cacophony; n
Harsh mixture of sounds
Feigning; v
Pretending to be affected by
Bestial; adj
Of or like an animal; savagely cruel
Torrent; n
A sudden and violent outpouring, sometimes of water
Sieve; n
Utensil used for straining solids from liquids
Insidious; adj
Treacherous; proceeding in a gradual way but with harmful effects
Harlequin; n
A clown or buffoon
Refuge; n
A place that is safe and sheltered
Contemptible; n
Filigree; n
Ornamental work of fine wire formed into delicate tracery
Perfunctorily; adj
In a set manner without serious attention
Gobbledegook; n
Language that is meaningless
Aesthetic; adj
Characterized by an appreciation of beauty or good taste
Procaine; n
A synthetic compound derived from benzoic acid, used as a local anesthetic, especially in dentistry.
Bole; n
The trunk of a tree
Quarry; n
A deep pit from which stone has been extracted
Sear; v
To burn or scorch the surface of something
Pendant; n
Piece of jewelry hanging from the neck
Convolutions; n
A coil or twist; function
Scythe; n
Tool used for cutting crops
Squanders; v
Waste something in a reckless and foolish manner