Early European Explorers

Vasco Núñez de Balboa
Spanish explorer who claimed the Pacific Ocean for Spain.
Christopher Columbus
Credited with discovering the continent of North America.
Although Columbus was born in Italy, he explored land for which country?
Jacques Cartier
Explored parts of Newfoundland and claimed Gaspe Bay, Quebec for France.
Northwest Passage
a sailing route that connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean through Canada. A shortcut to East Asia for trading purposes.
Pedro Alvares Cabral
A Portuguese explorer who claimed Brazil for Portugal.
John Cabot
Born in Italy, but claimed Newfoundland, Canada for England.
Ponce de Leon
A Spanish explorer who claimed part of Florida for Spain while searching for the Fountain of Youth.
Fountain of Youth
a mythical spring that was said to make anyone who drank its water young forever.
Although born in Italy, John Cabot explored land for which country?
Great Britain (England)
Which country colonized Brazil?
The ________________ colonized most of the land in the Americas.
Besides Spain, what other country colonized much of the land that is now the United States of America?
Why did the Europeans travel to the Americas?
They were searching for ways to get rich via the Northwest Passage, trading for spices and silk, and searching for gold, silver, and precious stones.
In 1492, when Christopher Columbus set foot on one of the Bahama Islands, where did he think he was?