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The internal records system supplies results data, but the marketing intelligence system supplies _____ data.


When gathering marketing intelligence, companies often use the 2000 U.S. census, which provides an in-depth look at the population swings, demographic groups, regional migrations, and changing family structure of 330+ million people. Which of the following steps to improve the quality of a company marketing intelligence system would be most closely associated with this illustration?

A company can take advantage of government data sources.

Firms find "reverse innovation" advantage by _____.

introducing a dcommodity in a developing country and then distributing it globally

Which of the following is likely to occur during economic downturns?

The purchasing power of the people declines

Today, corporations need to make sure that they are good corporate citizens and that their consumer messages are honest in order to positively align themselves with consumers'_______.

views of organizations

________ beliefs and values are passed from parents to children and reinforced by social institutions--schools, churches, businesses, and governments; they are very difficult to change.


Each society contains_____, groups with shared values emerging from their special life experiences or circumstances.


Firms whose products require____ resources--oil, coal, platinum, zinc, silver--face substantial cost increases as depletion approaches.

finite nonrenewable

Prestige LLC, a small company that manufactures specialty cereals and energy bars, wants to launch a "green marketing" program in response to heightened consumer awareness about environmental issues. What should the company do to maximize the program's chances of being successful.

demonstrate that the products will benefit both customers and the society in the long-term

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