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Atlantic Slave Trade
When 12- 15 million enslaved Africans were taken from Africa to American colonies across the Atlantic Ocean.
Slave Traders
People who brought slaves to America to be sold.
A large farm were slaves worked.
Man who watched over slaves when working.
Coded Language
Words or messages that represent other words or messages as means of secrecy.
The Big Dipper
A star constellation slaves used as a guide when escaping.
Slave Spirituals
Songs sung by slaves to describe the hardships of slavery, plan escapes and worship.
The Underground Railroad
a system of secret routes and safe houses that helped slaves escape to the free states and Canada
Harriet Tubman
Former slave who helped slaves escape on the Underground Railroad
Escaped slaves who lead other slaves through the Underground Railroad.
Runaway slaves being led to freedom.
A person who worked to end slavery.
John Brown
Abolitionist who believed God chose him to lead the slaves in an armed rebellion.
The crime John Brown was charged with, which means betraying one's country.
Someone who is running away or escaping slavery

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