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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
What is Utterson's profession?
With whom does Utterson take a weekly walk?
What did Enfield see Hyde do late one night?
Trample a girl
Whom does Jekyll's will initially specify as his heir?
Why has Lanyon and Jekyll's friendship cooled?
They had a dispute over Jekyll's scientific inquiries
How does Utterson first meet Hyde?
Utterson stakes out the door to Jekyll's laboratory, where Hyde has been known to come
How do the characters in the novel describe Hyde?
They say he is ugly and deformed but cannot say exactly why
When Utterson tells Jekyll that he has "been learning something of young Hyde," how does Jekyll respond?
He turns pale and begs Utterson to change the subject
What does a servant girl witness from a window?
Hyde murdering Sir Danvers Carew
Who leads the police to Hyde's home?
What is Poole's position?
He is Jekyll's butler
What happens to Hyde after the Carew murder?
He disappears
What happens to Jekyll after the Carew murder?
He becomes more sociable and devotes himself to good works
What does Mr. Guest tell Utterson about the handwriting on the letter from Hyde?
It belongs to Jekyll
What does Lanyon give Utterson before he dies?
A letter, not to be opened until Jekyll's death or disappearance
In the weeks following his dinner party, what happens to Jekyll?
He locks himself in his laboratory and refuses to see anyone
Where do Enfield and Utterson see Jekyll one day during his seclusion?
At the window of his laboratory
Who summons Utterson to Jekyll's house near the end of the novel?
Why do the servants think that the man in the laboratory is not Jekyll?
His voice is different from Jekyll's
Who does Utterson find in the laboratory after breaking down the door?
Hyde, lying dead
What horrifying event does Lanyon write about having witnessed?
Hyde transforming into Jekyll
Who is Hyde?
Jekyll's dark side, embodied in a separate being
What brings Hyde into being?
A potion, concocted by Jekyll
Initially, why does Jekyll turn himself into Hyde?
He enjoys doing so
How does Jekyll deal with Hyde in the end?
Involuntarily, he becomes Hyde permanently, and then Hyde kills himself