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AP Vocabulary unit #1


study of structure


study of functions of living organism and its parts

how the body works


substance that ionizes in water to release hydrogen ions; substance with a pH of less than 7


the condition in which there is an excessive proportion of acid in the blood and thus an abnormally low blood pH.

opposite of alkalosis


condition in which there is an excessive proportion of alkali (base) in the blood

opposit of acidosis


broad, flat sheet of connective tissue




wasting away of tissue; decrease in size of part;
a=with and trophy=food


substance that ionizes in water to decrease the number of hydrogen ions

aka = alkaline


compound that combines with an acid or with a base to form a weaker acid or base, thereby lessening the change in hydrogen ion concentration that would occur w/o the buffer


The condition or state of being crenate.

A process resulting from osmosis in which red blood cells, in a hypertonic solution, shrink and acquire a scalloped surface.


biochemical catalystthat allows chemical reactions to take place; functional proteinsthat regulate various metabolic pathways of the body


Physiology . temporary diminution of the irritability or functioning of organs, tissues, or cells after excessive exertion or stimulation.

goblet cells

gland that produces mucus. ex. respiratory & digestive

epithelial cell that produces and secretes large amounts of mucus


The destruction of red blood cells, caused by disruption of the cell membrane and resulting in the release of hemoglobin. Hemolysis is seen in some types of anemia, which can be either inherited or acquired, as by exposure to toxins or by the presence of antibodies that attack red blood cells.


the formation of blood or of blood cells in the living body


increased size of an organ or part caused by an increase in the size of its cells


chemical constituents that do not contain both carbon and hydrogen

does not contain C to C or C to H bond
ex. water, oxygen, carbon dioxide, electrolytes


attachment of a muscle to the bone that it moves when contraction occurs
compare to origin

the mode or place of attachment of an organ or part
a section of genetic material inserted into an existing gene sequence
the mutational process producing a genetic insertion


to cause dissolution or destruction of cells by lysins.

to undergo lysis.


brown pigment primarily in skin and hair


referring to chemicals that contain covalently bound carbon and hydrogen atoms and are involved in metabolic reactions


attachment of a muscle to the bone, which does not move when contraction occurs

compare to insertion


bone formation


loss of power of motion, especially voluntary motion


units by which acid and base concentrations (relative H+ ion concentrations) are measured; scale ranges from 0 (extremely acidic, high H+ concentration) to 14 (extremely basic or alkaline, low H+ concentration)


position of the body; often refers to the erect position of the body maintained unconsciously


process of replacing missing tissue with new tissue by means of cell division


space or cavity


excitant or irritating agent that induces a response


(hyperdermis) beneath skin,not part of skin
connects skin to lower layers


bands or cords of fibrous connective tissue that attach a muscle to a bone or other structure


a. the normal state of tension or responsiveness of the organs or tissues of the body.
b. that state of the body or of an organ in which all its functions are performed with healthy vigor.
c. normal sensitivity to stimulation

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