ARHS Midterm #1

Cesnola Krater
750 - 740 BCE
Euboien Krater
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Heterai and Kottabos Athenian Red figure cup Attributed to the Tarquina painter 475 - 450Cesnola Krater 750 - 740 BCE Terracota Euboien Krater Used for mixing wine during parties Also used as earn / grave marker, found intact Wine parties were man thing so men owned pottery Used in Life and Death Geometric Motif and Band Lines Orderly possession of animals Top Scene: Upside down axe, Mycenaean War Symbol Top Middle: Feeding horned animals, Mesopotamian SymbolINFOMan Fighting a Centaur 725 BCE Lakonia (Southern Greece) Dedicated at Sanctuary of Olympia Bronze Centaur repreents possible danger that humans can go uncivilized Centaur is full man with horse stuck on back Possible connection to battle B/T Hercules and Nessos Could show how man needs to fight resistance to wild Was a struggle everyman went through Fight centaur on insideINFOHirschfeld Krater 750 - 735 BCE Terracota Attica Ground Lines give stability, show bottom Human figures introduced Human Bodies conformed to geometry Figures are pulling out hair Funeral on Top, Battle on Bottom Genitalia is shown as dots on body, 1 man 2 woman All space is filled up (Horror Vaccas) Can't see man's greatest accomplishments at same time in life Value of art is being able to show thatINFOMantikos Bronze Statuette 700 - 675 BCE Bronze Thebes Writing on both legs (Shows Phoenicians have arrived) Body is still geometric, broken into parts Pinched waist = unrealistic body He is in an artificial, controlled enviroment Face is going towards naturalism Inscription describes how it is a tithe to Apollo Holes in head and hand reveal possible helmet, spear or Silver Bow (Apollo)INFOJug with a Spout in the form of a Griffin's Head 675 - 650 BCE Clay Ceramic Aegina, Greece (Near Athens) Piece demonstrates using an animal (griffin) for work Chopped off head made to serve win out of Wine being out inside and then poured out, gruesome Griffin should have power to resist but cannotINFOVessel 2 Odysseus and his Men Blinding the Cyclops Polythemus(Top) Gorgon Sisters pursuing Perseus (Bottom) 650 - 625 BCE Amphora from cemetery at Eleusis, Attica Polyphemus Painter Contained remains of 10 y/o 2 myths go togrther Odyesseus is white because we are watching the cyclops go blind Art see's what we cannot see Gorgon' look out at viewer whereas most Greek faces are profile You should not be able to look directly at Gorgon Greek's play heavily with idea of visionINFOThe Gorgon Medusa and her children (Khrysaor and Pegasus) on the pediment 590 BCE Temple of Artemis at Corfu Medusa was gorgeous, turned ugly as punishment for sex with Poseidon Children born out of her cut off throat She's there so you can face your fears Can you face her, can you walk in? Both scary and empowering She's killed heros Apotropaic imagery made to expel evil forces Children add element of bravery Greek art allows viewer to see truth of what is there, not just surfaceINFOThe New York Kouros 600 - 575 BCE Marble Attica Life sized marble statue Got idea from Egyptians -Granite Statue of Mentuemhet Prince of Egyptian Trade Colonies & Mercenaries were in frequent contact with Egypt Seeing all this art, talking with artists Moving from geometric to more natural Fits Egyptian grid system exactly Differences: - Nude, less stone, face is longer, more geometric Egyptian version shows wig however is more artificial Greeks copied ILIAC CREST - Cannot have this bulge so much - Emphasizing what they really want - Liked it because it points to genitalia and segments the body Necklace separates body as well Ones in temple are for Apollo, Cemetery for young men Generic age, ideal adult When visiting cemetery, statues confronted you, communal mourning Archaic smile indicates life You can put your own story into the statueINFOPeplos Kore of Nikandre 550 - 525 BCE Marble Athenian Acropolis Kore is singular: Maiden, Girl, Daughter -Korai is the plural Smaller than life sized Wearing Peplos, associated with younger women This on dedicated at temple most likely for child living - Children usually died before 3 Also could be Artemis due to inscripture Archaic smile indicating life Paint still on Holes in head indicated added jewelry ie. Crown, Earrings Red paint still on head, not redheaded, brown paint added on top of red to create shimmering effect Attributes - Objects given to statues to identify them - Most people couldn't read, this helped identify - Ex: Artemis holding a bow Kore were modeled after men, added breastsINFOThe Bomford Cup 500 BCE Athenian Black Figure Eye-Cup Is a Kylix While drinking, lifting cup creates mask for you - hinting at different person while drunk idea Thought it was something to overcome / resist Bottom of vessel replaced with dick and balls Symposium Test: Could you confront the unexpected Dianysis on bottom confronting you Inside of Bomford cup shows Symposium scene - Gorgon Face - Person would get to bottom and be face to face with death Can you handle that? Handle compsure, alcohol, etc. as staring at fear - Can you confront a situation and control it 1st cup dedicated to Gods, 2nd Heroes, 3rd ZeusINFOHeterai and Kottabos Athenian Red figure cup Attributed to the Tarquina painter 475 - 450 Heterai means Courtesans Kottabos was the game of throing wine sedimetn across the room Depicts the wine flicking game - Would flick at coat rack or wall Sex was allowed in the sympoliam during Archaic Porne is greek word for prostitute Courtesans (Heterai) were different circumstances -Given gifts - Had some relationship - Suppose to be educated and participate in discussion - Educated female peer who was NON THREATENINGINFO

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