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AP Euro - World War II (1939-1945) Vocab Words Note: First names are in parentheses, so when you are in learn mode on Quizlet, set it to ignore everything in parenthesis so you don't have to memorize first names.

Axis Powers

1939; Germany, Italy, and Japan

Tripartite Treaty of 1940

1940; An extension of the Rome-Berlin Axis to Include Japan


Germany's "Ligntning war"

Non-Aggression Pact of 1939

Hitler's Agreement with Stalin over the conquering of Poland


"Phony War" with Hitler in 1939-1940 where Hitler prepared for his attack

Maginot Line

1939; The French defense against a German invasion

Miracle of Dunkirk

1940; After Hitler conquered France and trapped the British soldiers, the British were able to ferry the British soldiers accross the English Channel to saftey

Vichy Government

1940; Puppet State in France

(Marshall) Petain

1940; The head of the Vichy Government

(Charles) De Gaulle

1940; The leader of French resistance forces; Escaped to England to orchestrate French resistance against the Vichy Government and the Nazis

(Winston) Churchill

Prime Minsiter of England in 1940 and 1955; Successor to Chamberlain


German Air Force during the Battle for Britain

(Hermann) Goering

The leader of the German Luftwaffe

Operation Barbarossa

1941; Hitler's offensive against Russia; Goal was to gain control of the Ukraine's wheat fields and oil fields

Siege of Leningrad

The battle where Hitler's soldiers waited during the cold, Russian winter

Lend Lease Act

1941 March; Congress' act which alled the president to lend or sell war materials to any country he deemed vital to that country's defense

Big Three

The common name for British-Soviet-US economic alliance

Atlantic Charter

1941 August; Roosevelt and Churchill's peace principles

(Bernard) Montgomery

1942; British General who defeated German and Italian forces in North Africa

(Erwin) Rommel

1942; Led German and Italian forces in North Africa at El Alamein

(Dwight D.) Eisenhower

1942; American general who took command of joing Anglo-American forces in Morocco and Algiers

Battle fo the Coral Sea

1942; The first battle where the US defeated Japan and both stopped their advance in the Pacific and prevented another attach on Hawaii

Battle of Midway

1942; Battle between the US and Japan wheich established American naval superiority in the Pacific

(Douglas) MacArthur

1942; The Americnan General who started island-hopping to capture strategic Japanese-held islands


The location of the first US offensive against Japan in the Solomon Islands

Battle of Stalingrad

1942-1943; A six month struggle in which Soviet forces defeated Germany; The turning point in World War II


The meeting place of Roosevelt and Churchill where they decided to not surrender until the Axis surrendered unconditionally

(George) Patton

The Allies' General who invaded Sicily then mainland Italy; Made Mussolini resign and Italy surrender


1943; The location of the meeting of the Big Three for the first time; Agreed on postware occupation of Germany, demilitiraziton of Germany, and the creation of an international peace organization; Roosevelt promised to open up a second front through France

Invasion of Normandy

1944; "D-Day"; Eisenhower directed an assault on a beach in France; Established the second front through France

Battle of the Bulge

1944; Germany's last effort of a counterattach through Belgium and the Argonne Forest

Yalta Conference

1945; The name of the meeting which drew the structure of postware Europe; Finally decided on the division of Germany; Stalin agreed to hold free elections in Easter Europe and to declare war against Japan in return for land lost in the Russo-Japanese war

Battle of Iwo Jima

1945; Battle agasint America and Tokyo

VE Day

May 8, 1945; The name of the day which ended World War II

Potsdam Conference

1945; The meeting of Chruchill, Stalin, and Truman to address issues of postware Gernamy and free Eastern Europe elections


The efforts of Hitler and the Nazis to destroy all of the Jews of Europe

Nuremberg Laws

1935; Laws which placed severe restrictions on Jews in Germany


1938; Riots against Jews which initiated a persecution of Jews

United Nations

1945; An international organization to preserve peace; Proceeded the League of Nations

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