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Safety Symbols Anatomy

Animal Safety
Never injure an animal, follow your teachers instructions for handling specific animals or preserved specimens, wash your hands with soap and water when finished handling animals of preserved specimens
Wear an ______ when using any substances that could hard is spilled on you, stand wherever possible to avoid spilling in your lap
Use caution when handling items that may break, such a glassware and thermometers. Always store test tubed in a test tube rack
Chemical Safety
Always wear goggles when working with chemicals, stand whenever possible, tell you teacher if you spill chemicals on yourself, the table, or floor.
Follow your teacher's instructions for disposing of all waste materials, including chemicals, specimens, or broken glass
Electrical Safety
Keep electrical cords away from water to avoid shock. Do not use cords with frayed edges. Unplug all equipment when done
Fire Safety
Put on safety googles before lighting flames. Remove loose clothing and tie back hair. Never leave a lit object unattended. Extinguish flame as soon as you finish heating
Always work in a well-ventilated area. Bring _____ up to your nose by wafting with your fingers instead of sniffing
General Safety
Always follow the safety rules and ask your teacher if you are unsure about something. If you are designing your own experiment, get your teacher's approval on your plan before you start.
Always wear ______ to protect your skin form possible injury when working with substances that may be harmful or when working with animals
Hand washing
Wash your hands with soap and water after working with soil, chemicals, animals, or preserved specimens
Always wear gloves such as oven mitts when handling larger hot materials
Never touch, taste, or inhale chemicals. Most chemicals are toxic in high concentrations. Wear goggles and wash your hands
Always wear ______ goggles when working with chemicals, heating any substance, or using sharp objects or any material that could fly up and injure you or others
Sharp Objects
Use scissors, knives, or razor tools with care. Wear googles when cutting something with scalpels, knives, or razor tools. Always cut AWAY from yourself