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Spanish Common Stem-Changing verbs

Many verbs that contain 'o' 'e' and 'e' in -ir verbs have a stem change in the present tense except in forms of nosotros and vosotros. stem change is denoted by () after dictionary listing.

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contar (ue)
to count
devolver (ue)
to return, give back
dormir (ue)
to sleep
encontrar (ue)
to find; to meet
morir (ue)
to die
poder (ue)
to be able; can, may
recordar (ue)
to remember
resolver (ue)
to solve; to resolve
volver (ue)
to return, come (go) back
cerrar (ie)
to close
comenzar (ie)
to begin
confesar (ie)
to confess
defender (ie)
to defend
empezar (ie)
to begin
entender (ie)
to understand
pensar (ie)
to think; to intend
perder (ie)
to lose; to waste; to miss (train, bus...)
preferir (ie)
to prefer
querer (ie)
to want; to wish; to love
referir (ie)
to tell; to narrate
sentir (ie)
to regret, be sorry; to feel
medir (i)
to measure
pedir (i)
to ask for, request; to order (food)
ren~ir (i)
to quarrel; to scold
repetir (i)
to repeat
servir (i)
to serve