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  1. No contact wth patient surfaces.
  2. 30 seconds
  3. Aseptic Technique
  4. 1-2 hours
  5. Penetration of soft tissue or bone.
  1. a What are procedures carried out in the absence of pathogenic microorganisms?
  2. b What is the time range for dry heat sterilization?
  3. c What is "crictical" surface category?
  4. d What is "environmental" surface category?
  5. e How long do we flush water lines in between each patient?

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  1. What is "noncritical" surface category?
  2. How much pressure is used for moist heat sterilization?
  3. How long do we flush the water lines at the beginning and end of the days?
  4. What is a Chemical Indicator?
  5. What is the type of sterilization we use at FTCC?

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  1. Needles, curets, explores, probesWhat are some examples of "critical" objects?


  2. Tests that the autoclave is functioning properly.What does a biologic monitor do?


  3. Rediographic biteblock, ultrasonic handpiece, amalgam condenser, mirrorWhat are some examples of "semicritical" objects?


  4. Percutaneous stick with bloodied needle or sharp instrument; contamination of open wound, nonintact skin, or mucous membrane with blood, saliva, or a combination.What are some examples of significant exposures?


  5. 250° F - 270° F (121° C - 132° C)What is the temperature range for dry heat sterilization?