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  1. Aseptic Technique
  2. You drain out the excess liquid, rinse with warm water, inspect for anything left on the intruments that may need to be manually taken off, pat dry, then wrap or bag.
  3. Moist heat, dry heat, and chemical vapor.
  4. Light handles, certain x-ray machine parts, safety eyewear
  5. Seals the package and changes color to show the autoclave temperature has been reached. Autoclave tape.
  1. a What are some examples of "noncritical" objects?
  2. b What are procedures carried out in the absence of pathogenic microorganisms?
  3. c What are the three approved methods of sterilization?
  4. d What do you do after you have ran your instruments through the ultrasonic machine?
  5. e What does and External Chemical Indicator do?

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  1. What is free from contamination with microorganisms; includes sterile conditions in tissues and on materials, as obtained by exclussion, removing, or killing organisms?
  2. What procedures are to be followed after exposure?
  3. What is an example of bilogical monitoring?
  4. How much pressure is used for moist heat sterilization?
  5. What things need to be done in a follow-up to an exposure?

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  1. Counter tops, equipment surfaces, housekeeping surface.What are some examples of "environmental" objects?


  2. 15-30 lbs pressure (psi)How much pressure is used for dry heat sterilization?


  3. 127° F - 132° F (260° C - 270° C)What is the temperature range for Chemical Vapor Sterilizers?


  4. A color change strip or other mark, often on autoclave tape or bag, used to monitor the process of sterilization. Color change indicats that the package has been brought to a specific temperature, but it is not an indicator of sterilization.What does and External Chemical Indicator do?


  5. Ultrasonic cleaningWhat process is safer than manual cleaning prior to sterilization?