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  1. Antiseptic
  2. Internal Chemical Indicators (heat strips)
  3. 15-30 lbs pressure (psi)
  4. Indicates a range of activity of drug or chemical substance against a wide variety of microorganisms.
  5. Does not touch mucouse membranes, it only comes into contac with unbroken epithelium.
  1. a How much pressure is used for dry heat sterilization?
  2. b What is a substance that prevents or arrests the growt or action of microorganisms either by inhibiting their activity or by destroying them. Refers to things applied to living tissues.
  3. c This will change colors to help assess instrument exposure to temperature and steam for the required time?
  4. d What is Broad Spectrum?
  5. e What is "noncritical" surface category?

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  1. What is "semicritical" surface category?
  2. What are some disadvantages of dry heat sterilization?
  3. What are some examples of "critical" objects?
  4. What are some examples of "environmental" objects?
  5. What are some examples of "semicritical" objects?

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  1. 127° F - 132° F (260° C - 270° C)What is the temperature range for dry heat sterilization?


  2. Moist Heat: steam under pressure.What are the three approved methods of sterilization?


  3. AsepsisWhat is free from contamination with microorganisms; includes sterile conditions in tissues and on materials, as obtained by exclussion, removing, or killing organisms?


  4. Ultrasonic cleaningWhat is an example of bilogical monitoring?


  5. 2 minutesHow long do we flush the water lines at the beginning and end of the days?