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  1. Report signs and symptoms associated with HIV seroconversion; obtain medical evaluation of illness involving fever, rash, or lymphadenopathy; persue counseling and further testing.
  2. 2 minutes
  3. Corrosion and rust free; short cycle time; ease of operation and equipment care.
  4. Rediographic biteblock, ultrasonic handpiece, amalgam condenser, mirror
  5. Needles, curets, explores, probes
  1. a What things need to be done in a follow-up to an exposure?
  2. b How long do we flush the water lines at the beginning and end of the days?
  3. c What are some examples of "critical" objects?
  4. d What are some of the advantages of Chemical Vapor Sterilization?
  5. e What are some examples of "semicritical" objects?

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  1. How much pressure is used for moist heat sterilization?
  2. What is the time limit for Chemical Vapor Sterilization?
  3. What is "environmental" surface category?
  4. What are procedures carried out in the absence of pathogenic microorganisms?
  5. What are the three approved methods of sterilization?

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  1. 30 secondsHow long do we flush water lines in between each patient?


  2. 15-30 lbs pressure (psi)How much pressure is used for dry heat sterilization?


  3. Counter tops, equipment surfaces, housekeeping surface.What are some examples of "environmental" objects?


  4. It may corrode carbon steel instruments, unsuitable for oils or powders that are impervious to heat.What are some disadvantages of moist heat: steam under pressure sterilization?


  5. AsepsisWhat is a substance that prevents or arrests the growt or action of microorganisms either by inhibiting their activity or by destroying them. Refers to things applied to living tissues.


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