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Insurance Handbook Fordney

professional billing

physicians or non-physician practitioners (NPPs) or (physician extenders)

common titles

insurance billing specialist
reimbursement specialist
medical billing representative
senior medical billing representative


management services organizations


Certified Electronic Claims Processor

malpractice insurance

must be included in malpractice insurance; otherwise can be sued individually

It is illegal to provide incorrect information to

It is illegal to provide incorrect information to Federal payers; Tricare, Medicare, Champus, etc.

Errors and Omissions insurance

Should personally carry Errors and Omissions insurance


Alliance of Claims Assistance Professionals

continuing education

must stay up to date on laws, changes, information

American Health Information Management Association Code of Ethics-2004

Ethical Principles: The following ethical principles are based on the core values of the American Health Information Management Association and apply to all health information management professionals.

Health information management professionals:
Advocate, uphold and defend the individual's right to privacy and the doctrine of confidentiality in the use and disclosure of information.
Put service and the health and welfare of persons before self-interest and conduct themselves in the practice of the profession so as to bring honor to themselves, their peers, and to the health information management profession.
Preserve, protect, and secure personal health information in any form or medium and hold in the highest regard the contents of the records and other information of a confidential nature, taking into account the applicable statutes and regulations.
Refuse to participate in or conceal unethical practices or procedures.
Advance health information management knowledge and practice through continuing education, research, publications, and presentations.
Recruit and mentor students, peers and colleagues to develop and strengthen professional workforce.
Represent the profession accurately to the public.
Perform honorably health information management association responsibilities, either appointed or elected, and preserve the confidentiality of any privileged information made known in any official capacity.
State truthfully and accurately their credentials, professional education, and experiences.
Facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration in situations supporting health information practice.
Respect the inherent dignity and worth of every person.

American Health Information Management Association Code of Ethics (book=1998)


Job Description 1


Job Description 2


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