English 9 writing terms


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attention getter
Part of the introduction of an essay that hooks the reader.
body paragraphs
at least three paragraphs that present and develop the one main idea of an essay.
clincher sentence
may be used to summarize or restate the main idea in a paragraph
when ideas in a paragraph are arranged in a logical order and clearly connected (SOC)
last paragraph of an essay that restates the thesis and brings the essay to a close with a final thought.
descriptive paragraph
uses sensory details to describe a person, place, thing or idea.
a sentence missing a subject or predicate or a complete thought.
informative paragraph
explains a process or relates facts, definitions, explanations, examples, and descriptions.
first paragraph of an essay that contains the attention getter and states the thesis
narrative paragraph
includes a beginning, middle and end and uses transitions to tell a story or relate an incident.
a series of sentences that present and develop one main idea about a topic.
persuasive paragraph
expresses and defends an opinion using persuasive details.
two or more sentences that are improperly joined together as one sentence.
must have a subject, predicate, and a complete thought.
supporting sentences
sentences in the paragraph that give specific information that supports the main idea stated in the topic sentence.
thesis statement
last introductory sentence of an essay; states the subject, direction, and reasons in an essay.
topic sentence
states the main idea and direction of a paragraph
words or phrases that link one idea to another by showing the relationship between ideas: for example, next, however.
when every sentence in a paragraph is directly related to the main idea.