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Scramble for Africa
Period when European nations scrambled for control of Africa and its natural resources.
Berlin Conference
Meeting in which European leaders divided Africa among themselves; did not consult with Africans on division of land.
System of legal segregation in South Africa; meant for whites to keep control
White minority rule
Whites in South Africa maintained political control even though they were the minority.
Poor neighborhoods in which blacks were required to live.
Documentation black South Africans were required to carry.
African National Congress
Opposition group to apartheid; eventually led by Nelson Mandela.
Sharpeville Massacre
Police kill 69 protesters in South Africa; blame and outlaw the ANC
Nelson Mandela
Leader of anti-apartheid movement; jailed for ANC activity.
Economic sanctions
Refusal to trade with a region in an effort to force change.
F.W. de Klerk
President of South Africa who repealed apartheid law in 1989.
South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Set up to deal with the abuses and injustices of the victims of apartheid

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