PSC Ch. 1 Exam

What is the scientific method
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What is the most common sequence of the scientific methodObservation/ Question/ Problem Research Hypothesis Experiment Data collection and Analysis Reject or Support (Conclusion) Repeat if needed Peer ReviewWhat are two possible outcomes if the data does not support the hypothesisRevised or Rejected More commonly revisedWhat is a theoryAn explanation of an event or phenomenon that is well supported with scientific data and experimentation.What happens if new data or information about a theory is found that does not support the theory?The theory must be modifiedMeasure mass In SI or the amount of matter in an objectgramsMeasures distance in SImetersMeasures volume in SI or measures the amount of space an object takes up in a region of space.l or cm^3Measures time in SIsecondMeasures temperature in SIKelvinThe last digit in any measurement is consideredUncertain or estimatedMeasures the amount of kinetic energy or motion of an objectTemperatureMeasure the amount of space an occupiesVolumeWhat the scientist changes, the independent variable, the experimental group, or the manipulate variable is placed where on a graphX- axisWhat the scientist expects to happen the "Then" in the hypothesis, the dependent variable, or the responding variable is found where on a graphy-axisA good graph hasTitle labeled axis equal distributions of axis values clear markingsHow do you determine the slope of a lineDividing the Y value by the x value for the same point.King Henry did What?Dance Merrily Down Central Main K h da m d c mThis tells us what will happen not whylaw