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Disable the thermostat when a door or window is left open.
Save energy while at home or away.
Disarm the panel when the kids unlock the front door
Avoid false alarms.
Turn on hallway lights when motion is detected
Guide the way for the sleepwalkers in your family.
Capture an image when there is activity near the liquor cabinet
Keep a close eye on your liquor cabinet.
Turn off the Video Game Cabinet appliance module at night
Enforce the "school night" rules.
Capture a clip when the front door is unlocked after school
Ensure your kids made it home safe from school.
Capture a clip when the front door is opened late at night
Keep a strict curfew.
Secure the house for the night with the click of a button
Lock up for the night.
Record a clip when the door is unlocked by the pet sitter's user code
Check in on the pet sitter.
Record a clip when activity is detected near the front door
Be aware of package thieves.