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Physical Development in Early Childhood

how many inches and pounds do we fain per year?
2-3 inches
5 lbs.
what does the pituitary gland do?
secretes GH and TSH (which helps brain development and GH)
what is the left hemisphere of the brain in charge of?
language and motor skills
what are reasons for handedness?
gene bias
orientation in uterus
lying position for infants
what are the three stages of drawing?
scribbles (18 months)
shapes and boundaries (2-4)
recognizable objects (4-6)
nightmares vs. night terrors
mares: more prevalent
terrors: physical waking up
what are some social influences on diet?
number of family members
disease and connection to diet
what factors go into immunizations?
religious and cultural beliefs
biological reasons
why do early childhood children get injured so much?
the body is becoming proportional