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how many inches and pounds do we gain in this stage?

2-3 inches
4-6 lbs.

what are the three aspects to brain development in this stage?

synaptic pruning
dendritic branching

what is myelination?

myelin sheath grows over the axon and serves as an insulator so messages can get from one end to the other

what is synaptic pruning?

the parts of the brain you don't exercise will prune back and transfer to the parts that you do exercise.

dendritic branching

dendrites become more intertwined and intricate making it easier for messages to get from point A to point B

what concepts of motor skills occur in this stage?

more precise
organized sports help gross skills
academic aspects of school help fine skills
tendons and ligaments aren't fully formed
slower growth rate helps with coordination

what are some consequences of childhood obesity?

social acceptance
emotional difficulties
early showing in adolescent behaviors

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