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Chapter 4 Mr. Lofgren



What is a tissue?

A group of cell that are similar in structure and perform a related function.

What are the four types of Tissue?

Epithelial, Muscle, Nervous, Connective.

What are the three germ layers?

Mesoderm, Endoderm, Ectoderm


Laid on

What is the purpose of Epithelial Tissue?

Covering, Protection, Absorption, Excretion, Secretion, Filtering.

What is the purpose of Connective Tissue?

Anchor Epithelial Tissue to the body, Cushioning.

What is the purpose of Nervous Tissue?

Convey messages, Promote adaptation.

What is the purpose of Muscle Tissue?


What is the outermost layer of the epithelium?


What is the innermost layer of the epithelium?


Which type of tissue would most likely feature microvilli?

Epithelial (Apical)

What does avascular mean?

Having no blood vessels.

What does innervated mean?

Containing nerve cells.




Having only one layer


Flat, and scale like






Column shaped

What do glands do?

Secrete water-based fluids.

What does an Endocrine Gland mean/do?

(internally secreting) Releases product into extracellular space, which then enters our blood stream.

What does an Exocrine Gland mean/do?

(externally secreting) Releases product onto body surfaces, or the surface of body cavities.



What is the purpose of fibers?

Provide support, strength.

What is the extracellular matrix?

A mixture of fibers and ground substance.

Ground substance

Unstructured fluid for filling space in connective tissue.

What are the two types of Connective Tissue proper?

Loose and Dense.

What are the three types of Loose Connective Tissue?

Areolar, Adipose, Reticular.

What is the function of Areolar Tissue?

Cushions organs.

What is the function of Adipose Tissue?

Stores fat, insulates and maintains energy reserves

What are the two types of Dense Connective Tissue?

Dense Regular and Dense Irregular

What is the function of Dense Regular Tissue?

Due to the monodirectionality of the strands, it provides great strength, but only within a small range of motion.

What is the function of Dense Irregular Tissue?

Due to omnidirectionality of the strands, it provides moderate strength in all directions.

What is the name of the intermediate between bone and dense connective tissue?


What is the name of the intermediate between Hyaline and Elastic Cartilage?


Which type of tissue is glasslike?

Hyaline Cartilage

What is osseous tissue, and what is its function?

(Bone) Supports the body, protects, and store minerals.



What does skeletal muscle control?

Voluntary movement

What does smooth muscle control?

Involuntary movement

What does cardiac muscle control?

Involuntary movement of the heart

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