World War 1 Review Sheet


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Militarism - policy of building up strong military forces to prepare for war
Alliances - agreements between nations to aid and protect one another
Nationalism - pride in or devotion to one's country
Imperialism - one country takes over another country economically, and politically
Assassination - murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Which countries made up the Central Powers (Triple Alliance)?
Germany, Austria - Hungary, Italy
Unrestricted Submarine Warfare
Germany's Policy of sinking ships with their U-boats, enemy or neutral, that carry war material
Which countries made up the Allies (Triple Entente)?
Britain, France, Russia
why was europe known as a powder keg
it was ready to explode
Who was the Archduke of the Austrian-Hungarian throne?
Franz Ferdinand
Who killed the Archduke?
Gavrilo Princip
Zimmerman Note
Message proposing an alliance between Germany and Mexico
What did Austria offer Serbia in response to the assassination?
Ultimatum where Austria wanted Serbia to take responsibility for the assassination and eliminate terrorist organizations.
As a result of Austria declaring war on Serbia, what did Russia do?
Russia pledged their support to Serbia.
What two countries did Russia mobilize to?
Germany and Austria
Who declared war on August 1st?
Germany on Russia
Who declared war on August 3rd?
Germany on France
The battlefields in Northern France were known as....
Western Front
The war on the Russian border of Germany and Austria - Hungary was known as what front?
Eastern Front
What happened on September 5, 1914 outside of Paris?
First Battle of the Marne - Germany is forced to retreat
Mustard Gas (Poison Gas)
chemical warfare (first time chemicals used), phosgene and chlorine
Machine Guns
Maxim machine gun - water cooled machine gun
Heavily armored, tracked vehicles, very slow moving, capable of getting stuck
U-boats, known as unterseeboots
What type of war was on the Eastern Front?
Main fighting along the German-Russian border/ Russian pushed into Austria and Germany but troops were forced to retreat.
Why did Russia struggle in the war?
1916: Russia had suffered many casualties and had few supplies.
At the beginning of World War 1, what was America's involvement?
Americans wanted to stay neutral during World War 1.
What was Germany's submarine policy?
England was off limits, any ship sailing near England would be sunk.
What happened on May 7, 1915?
Why is this important?
A German submarine sank the Lusitania, killing 1,198 people.
It's important because 128 of them were Americans.
Why did Germany blockade the waters?
Retaliation for the British imposed blockade of Germany in the North Sea.
What was the Zimmerman Note?
Note issued from German Foreign Office (January, 1917) proposing a Germany/Mexico Alliance against the United States.
What is Total War?
Involved governments, economies, and populations of combatant nations to an extent never seen in history.
Way of sharing food fairly.
one-sided information designed to persuade, keep up morale and support for the war
What did women contribute to the war effort?
Working in factories, growing gardens to help with food.
Why did Russia withdraw from the war?
Lenin and Russia signed a treaty that gave Germany land in exchange for peace.
Describe the Second Battle of Marne:
Allies were able to push through German lines and advance on Germany.
Describe the crumble of the Central Powers:
No reserves, no replacement troops, lacked food/supplies, America/Canada had joined the war effort supplying fresh troops to the Allies.
What happened to Kaiser Wilhelm II?
He gave up the throne and fled Germany.
What conference took place January 18, 1919?
Treaty of Versailles
Who were the Big Four at the conference?
Woodrow Wilson (United States), Georges Clemenceau (France), David Lloyd George (England), Vittorio Orlando (Italy)
Briefly describe the 14 Points.
A plan worked up by Woodrow Wilson to try to prevent future wars.