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Liberty University Math 100 Final Ms. Holloway.

Distributive Property

(x + 8)z = xz + 8z

Commutative Property of Addition

7 + b = b + 7

Additive Inverse Property

8 + (- 8) = 0

Commutative Property of Multiplication

3(a + 9) = (a + 9)3

Associative Property of Addition

[43 + (- 24)] + 24 = 43 + [- 24 + 24]

Identity Property of Multiplication

259(1) = 259

Multiplicative Inverse Property

18 x 1/8= 1

Associative Property of Multiplication

(2 X 4)3=2(4 X 3)

Identity Property of Addition


Co= 3 degree= 6

List the coefficient and the degree of the polynomial

-6 and 3/2

List the reciprocal of -6 and 2/3

-4 and 1

List the opposite or additive inverse 4 and -1


Evaluate the expression when = -3 and y = 2


WE:The length of a rectangle is six feet more than twice its width.


WE:The product of five and a number is 20


Car 3 days, bill was $215. $25 a day and $0.20 per mile.How many miles did she drive during the 3 days?






What percent of 20 is 48?


Find 8% of $500


Forty percent of what number is 180


Solve for P: L = 2P+ 3W


Solve for r: w=eE+r/2

x inter- (6,0) y inter-(0,-4)

Find the x and y intercept: 2x - 3y = 12

x inter- (5,0) y inter- (0,4)

Find the x and y intercept: 4x+5y=20


Write the equation of the line with a slope of 3 and passes through the point (-8, 5) in slope intercept form

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