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What year did the first National band performa at convention?


What year was the National Chorus formed?


In 1998, Pulbic Law 81-740 was revised through Congree and replaced by what law?

Public Law 105-225

What are FFA's official colors?

National Blue & Corn Gold

IN 1952, the National FFA magazine was called what?

National Future Farmer

Five types of FFA membership

1. Discovery
2. Active
3. Honorary
4. Collegiate
5. Alumni

BLAST stands for

Building Leaders and Strong Team of Officers

Name of the FFA State Officer Training


FFA offers an EDGE Conference. What does EDGE stand for?

Experiencing Discovery, Growth and Excellence

What year was the 'Discovery' FFA Degree added?


How many state associations, includeing Oklahoma, make up the Central Region?


Name in order, the 4 Presidents who have spoken to the National FFA Convention?

1. Dwight D. Eisenhower
2. Gerald Ford
3. Jimmy Carter
4. George Bush

In 1939, FFA purchased 28.5 acres of land in Alexanderia, Virginia. Who's estate was it a part of?

George Washington

How many times has the National FFA Creed been revised?


Name in order the first three National FFA Presidents from Oklahoma.

1. Vernon Howell
2. Oliver Kinzie
3. Walter Cummings

What state has Charter #1 in the National FFA Organization?


What Virginia Ag instructor is known as the 'Father of FFA'?

Henry Groseclose

The first National President was from what state?

New Jersey

What is the name of the National Vocational Education Act passed in 1917 that started vocational agriculture?

Smith-Hughes Act

What year was the FFA Code of Ethics adopted? Revised

Adopted 1952
Revised 1995

Who wrote the FFA Creed

E.M. Tiffany

E.M. Tiffany wrote the FFA Creed. What does 'E.M.' stand for?

Erwin Milton Tiffany

What year did FFA receive a federal charter


What month is the National FFA Week observed?


What year did Oklahoma FFA receive its national charter?


What is the second line of the FFA Motto?

Doing to Learn

How many FFA districts are in Oklahoma?


Who was the first African American to serve as a National Officer?

Fred McClure from Texas

What are the two national FFA Public Speaking contest?

1. Prepared
2. Extemporaneous

How many taps of the favel are used to sear the members?


How many states are in teh Western Regions

15 states & Guam's Association

How many members does it take to make up a Greenhand Chapter Meeting Team?


How many members make up the National Nominating Committee?


No members may maintain an active membership after what age?


What type of membership is available to former, collegiate or honorary members?


How many National officers are elected each year?


Which pin is for Chapter FFA degree receiptants?


Who was the first NFR President?

David Simmons

Recite the FFA Misssion.

FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premeir leadership, personal growth and career success through agriculture education.

In what year did "FFA New Horizon" replace "The National Future Farmer" as the name of the official magazine?


What year was the first National Convention held in Louisville, Kentucky?

October 2000

What national region is Oklahoma a part of?


The FFA member with the best Agri-Business SAE program in the nation is selected each year for what prestigious award?

National Star in Agri-Business

What symbol on the emblem serves as a reminder of our freedom and ability to explore new horizons?


What year did the National FFA Foundation start?


What is the highest degree an active FFA member can earn?

American FFA Degree

What is the minimumnumber of "Official Delegates" at the National Convention per state?


In 1928, dues to Futre Famres of America were how much per person?

10 cents

What year of the FFA Creed apopted?


Which degree wears the golden charm?

State FFA Degree

"Be courteous, honest & fair with others" is one of 11 items called what?

FFA Code of Ethics

What ALD stand for?

Advanced Leadership Development

What grades attend ALD?


In 1999, delegates voted to include a 5th degree. What is the name of that degree?


What is the name of the FFA mentoring program?

PALS - Partners in Active Learning Support

What is the maxiumum length of time for a FFA Banquet to last according to the FFA Manual?

2 1/2 hours

What is the name of the national cooperative effort to promote ag youth safety and health through education, community development, and youth leadership?

Partners for Safer Communities

What program promotes diversity in agriculture education and FFA?

H.O. Sargent

What is the amount of cash rewarded to the American Star Farmer winner each year?


What style of architurture is used for the building at the National FFA Center?


What is the maximum number of medals a member may wear on their FFA jacket?


What do the 3 medals worn on the FFA jacket represent?

1. Highest Degree
2. Highest Office
3. Highest Award

Proposed admendments for the state FFA constitution must be submitted by what date?

Feb. 2

What manual do you consult for answer to questions about the flag?

Daughters of the American Revolution

What FFA degree must all National Officers hold?


What should do done to the FFA jacket if it is sold or given away to a non-member?

Remove the emblem & lettering

What year was the name changed from 'Future Farmers of America" to 'National FFA Organization'?


What was the FFA's origianl name?

Future Farmers of America

What symbol is the foundation of the emblem?

cross section of an ear of corn

What is the name of the FFA contest requiring knowledge of parliamentary law?

Parliamentary Procedure

What chapter officer serves as chair of Earning & Savings Committee?


The American FFA Degree requires productivity of how many dollars?


What does MFE stand for?

Made for Excellence

What month does Oklahoma hold their FFA Alumni camp?


What are the three divisions of "Program of Activities"?

1. Student Development
2. Chapter Development
3. Community Development

What is the current location of the National FFA Convention?

Indianapolis, IN

How many gavel taps is required to close a meeting?


Who calls the roll of officers at chapter meetings?


What ais the correct way to address a female president?

Madam President

Which officer is charge of the chapter paraphernalia?


How many official delegates are at state convention per chapter?


What is the scholarship dollar amount for the winner of the National Agri-Science Student Recognition Program?


Which officer states as part of opening ceremony "I encourage thrift among the members...."?


What is the due date for prficiency awards applications at the state office?

Feb 1

What is the minimum number of letters of recommendation to receive the State FFA Degree?


How long must a Chapter FFA Degree recepient be able to lead a discussion?

15 minutes

Greenhands wear which pin?

Bronze Emblem

Who conducts each COLT Conference?

State Officer Team

What does COLT stand for?

Chapter Officer Leadership Training

How many COLT Conferences are held each year?

5 - One in each District

What type of memebership is available at 2 & 4 year colleges?


What year were girls given the right to become members?


What year was FFA's magazine changed to "FFA New Horizons"?


What year did FFA and New Farmers of America merge?


What year was the National FFA Alumni Assoc established?


Who do you order FFA supplies and jackets from?

National FFA Supply Service

What is the official salute for FFA?

Pledge of Allegiance

Which chapter officer is responsible the chapter correspondence?


What year was the FFA Code of Ethics adopted?


Who is the SE Vice-President?

Courtney Maye

How many gavel taps signals for all members to stand?


What does CDE stand for ?

Career Development Events

What two words are on the FFA emblem?

Agriculture Education

What 5 symbols make up the FFA emblem?

1. cross section of an ear of corn
2. rising sun
3. plow
4. eagle
5. owl

Recite the FFA Motto.

Learning to do,
Doing to learn,
Earning to live,
Living to serve.

Which officer is stationed by the Shield of Friendship?


Which officer is stationed at the bust of George Washington?


What is the gavel a symbol of?


What is the first order of business at any FFA Meeting?

Opening Ceremony

The chapter's most active first year member, who has a strong SAE & had demostrated leadership is selected to receive the honor of ......?

Star Greenhand

How many Vice-Presidents are elected each year at National Convention?


What is the name of the newpaper published at National Convention each year?

FFA Times

How many states were at the first National Convention?


Where was the first national convention held?

Baltimore Hotel

What year was the first Star Agribuess of American named?


What is the name of the livestock and horse show held each year in Kansas City, in conjunction with the National FFA Convention?

American Royal

What year were the offical FFA colors adopted?


What year did the National FFA Supply begin operation?


Which symbol on the FFA emblem signifies the historice foundation of our country's strengths?


In the National FFA Manual, where would you find this statement, "Attending meetings prompltly and respecting the opinion of others in discussion......"?

Code of Ethics

At which convention ws the creed revised?


Which officer handles the invocation or pryaer at banquets and other functions?


What does WLC stand for?

Washington Leadership Conference

What emblem do State FFA Degree receipients shall wear ?

Gold Emblem Charm

What is the amount of money required that a chapter member invest to receive the Chapter FFA degree?


Before Louisville, KY where was the National FFA Convention held?

Kansas City, MO

What was the first year that the convention was held in Louisville, KY?


What year was the BOAC program started?


Who ws the most recent US President to attend the National FFA Convention?

George Bush

What year was the first National Publish Speaking Contest?


Who was the first female National President?

Jan Eberly

Which officer post the meeting agenda?


Discribe male official dress.

1. Black slacks
2. White shirt
3. Official FFA tie
4. Black shoes
5. Official dress jacket zipped to top

What official emblem to American FFA Degree recipient wear?

Gold Key

When are the National FFA Foundation scholarship applications due in the National FFA office?

Feb 15

How many people are on the State FFA Executive Committee?


How many delegates is each state guaranteed at National Convnetion?


What does SAE stand for?

Supervised Agriculture Experience

What do the letters P.O.A. stand for?

Program of Activities

When is the American FFA Degree Application due at the State Office?

June 1

Who ws the second Oklahoman to serve as National President?

Oliver Kinzie

What is the name of the former organization for African American agriculture students?

New Farmers of America

How many taps of the gavel call the meeting to order?


Who was the first Star Farmer of AMerica?

Carlton Patton

Who was the most recent National President fro Oklahoma?

Mark Herndon

What month is the State FFA Convetion held?


What month in the National FFA Convention?


How many delegates were ath the first National Convention?


Which chapter officer is in charge of preparing and maintaining a chapter scrapbook?


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