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Acid Rain
Def: Industrial conversion of sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides to acids that return to earth as snow. The concentration of acids harm water features (killing fish and plants).

Sig: It's hard to address because the rain often falls in different regions from those that benefit from the pollution.
Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD)
Def: Decomposing organic waste dumped into water features use up oxygen that the fish and plants need which results in mass die-offs.
Sig: Water using industries (e.g. food processing), sewage and agriculture are the biggest contributors.
Chloroflourocarbons (CFCs)
Def: pollutants, like freon, that reduce the ozone layer
Sig: The Montreal Protocol in 1987 banned the use of CFCs.
Climate Change
Def: It refers to the warming of the earth and its effects on sea levels and weather patterns.
Sig: Particular attention is focused on human actions, such as burning fossil fuels, that cause global warming (anthropogenic).
Def: Tourism to the LDCs that is supposed to help sustain fragile ecosystems.
Ex: Costa Rica may see keeping the rain forest intact as economically more beneficial than deforestation for cattle production.
Greenhouse Effect
Def: Global warming caused by CO2s trapping radiation from escaping out of our atmosphere.
Sig: It is causing sea levels to rise and weather patterns to change.
Natural Resource Depletion
Def: Using up of the available scarce resources (especially petroleum, natural gas & coal).
Sig: The more readily reserves are extracted first making the extraction increasingly more expensive. This should lead to extraction innovation and use of alternative resources).
Ozone depletion
Def: It refers to the reduction of the protective ozone gas layer. The ozone protects us from UV light.
Sig: The reduction of CFCs has slowed this down but it will take a long time to regenerate itself.
Potential Reserves
Def: Reserves of resources that are undiscovered but thought to exist.
Sig: Reserves become proven once they are discovered.
Proven Reserves
Def: Discovered reserves of resources. Discovery is dependent on technology and will.
Sig: Proven reserves can be measured with accuracy.