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Available in every touchpoint that a customer wants to interact with the brand including storefront, website, phone, social, etc.. This also includes the notion of a customer being able to easily switch channels through their buying process.
non-integrated touch points. A customer cannot switch channels through the buying process. This more has to do with silos of communication than anything else
Affiliate marketing
Using incentives such as cashback and other rewards to encourage people to recommend your brand. I also think this means when another blog/website mentions your
Social marketing
the use of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc) to spread the word about your company and interact with customers.
Email marketing
the use of email to continue brand awareness. This remains as one of the most effective means of communication.
Word of mouth marketing
the most effective marketing strategy. A customer loves your brand so much that they tell others about it.
Basic steps of setting up a new online store
Strategy (90%) - Technology (10%)
Search Strategies
Keyword search, Auto-suggest, & Guided Navigation
Visible on a product page.

This tells customers of more expensive or (hopefully) alternative choices to what they are looking at. This provides awareness of other options on your website.
Cross-selling involves showing the customer complementary products: ones that will make using the original product easier or more satisfying.
SEO in ecommerce
Quality URL structure: Don't use numbers or IDs in the structure. Instead, use words. Not too many, but 75 characters or so in the url.

Good information architecture: This describes how your website is constructed

Duplicate content is bad: Common within Magento will be a product in multiple categories, resulting in the same product page accessible via several URL paths (one for each category). If you don't tell Google which URL is the "master" (vs. the duplicates), Google will pick one.

Sitemap: Helps search engines find the pages on your website
working toward a once-in-a-long time release schedule.
complete software development cycle. Usually focuses on smaller increments. Self Organizing teams
Clear tasks and responsibility
Sprints - things being frequently delivered
Sustainable pace
Agile Manifesto
Requirements: actionable, measurable, defined, remove gray areas
Iterative design - refine, analyze, test
based around a sprint (a set period of time for work to get done). Commitments are made to ensure that the work is completed. Sprint Planning
Daily scrum meeting
Sprint reviews (QA)
Sprint retrospectives (Here's what's wrong and why)
No change orders
Software Development Lifecycle (implementation plan)
system development life cycle
Plan: developing a roadmap for getting the problem solved.

Design: architecting the solution: what pieces need to be built.

Build: writing the code to solve this problem.

Test: assigning to QA to ensures that everything works as expected.
Deploy: deploying the update.

Maintain: starting the cycle over again.
A/B Testing
Shows customers the A (original) or B (updated) version. This is good to see what users prefer more: which performs better and achieves more goal completions.
EU tax law.

Value Added Tax

EU - Similar to sales tax

Digital goods based on location of the IP address

Product price has to include VAT
It helps achieve PCI-DSS compliance
PA-DSS is validating compliance of a system or a program. PCI-DSS is the validation of an organization (meaning the people, systems and hardware).
SMART Requirments
The idea behind project management.

Specific: the task must be defined.

Manageable: the task must not be of gargantuan proportions.

Assignable: the task must be able to be given to someone(s).

Relevant: the task must be able to be completed given current bandwidth.
Time-related: the task must be able to be completed within a certain time.
EU "cookie law"
It requires that a website give customers the option to opt out of cookies being set on their computer.
Requires that a website tells visitors that the website uses cookies, explains what the cookies do, and gets their approval for storing cookies on their computer.
Model View Controller

Model - is the data. Ultimately, the model concept goes way deeper than this into data storage and retrieval.
View - is how the data is presented. This is the HTML and CSS side.
Controller - is the link between the model (data) and the view. This provides the business logic for what data to show where.
Database sharding
Sharding is splitting up a database into multiple "shards" (think of a broken glass).

This allows for performance gains and scalability in different configurations. The database can be split into different segments: checkout orders and products.

This also allows data to be backed up, data analysis without affecting the master database, and scalability.
Varnish caching
Varnish is a reverse-proxy caching engine.

It sits in front of the web server (apache or nginx) and if a request is cached, it will return that. This results in a very low latency caching engine. Response times are often sub 200ms.
Types of API
REST (Representational State Transfer) - URL and HTTP code based
SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) - XML based
4 Types of Authentication
Third party - authenticate with OAUTH I.OG

Mobile applications - authenticate using tokens

Admins and customers - authenticate using login credentials

Sessions-? Just is
Scope Levels
Website: represents a unique domain name. This is the "parent" of the whole system. It allows you to maintain different lists of customers and different product pricing. Products are assigned to a website.

Store: represents groupings of store views. This is not used much in products or categories.

Store view: often a different language but could be a different store. This is used to configure pricing, attributes, and more for categories and products.
When would you recommend sharding a database?
In very large-scale deployments. This would allow the databases to be separately tuned, and some can then be used in read-only mode (like the catalog tables for the frontend).
What is Bluefoot?
Bluefoot is a CMS package that adds drag & drop capabilities to the admin editing experience.
It is also very extensible to add new types of elements.
What functions are included in B2B?
Custom quotes / pricing

Unique catalogs for customers

Quick order

Credit limits


Requisition lists
What functions are included in Magento Business Intelligence?
Replicates store data and sends it to Magento

Transforms data and analyzes it

Creates new joins and reporting metrics

Goal is to be the one connected source for a business' ecommerce data.
How are cookies used in Magento 2?
They are used to associate a customer (or admin) with PHP's session storage. This session storage contains the transient information about this person.

They are used also to transfer certain types of information to the user. In other words, they store certain types of transient data that is related to that user.
What is Swagger, and how is it used in Magento?
Swagger is an API framework.

It provides a standardized way to define and document API access.

Magento uses it for their REST API
Product types






Giftcard (EE only)
Visual Merchandiser
Tool to position products in the category listing.
What are the minimum attributes to create a simple product?
Product Name
How can you create page redirects for specific search requests?
Marketing > Search Terms > Add New Search Term
Can a customer submit a JPG image with a product review?
Not by default. There are ways to link to an image, but they cannot upload an image.
What are the options for displaying a product video?
You can insert it into the product description.

You can add it using the Magento product video functionality.
How can you create a product discount to have it automatically added in the shopping cart?
Marketing > Cart Price Rules > Add New Rule

Set details: Coupon: "No Coupon"
Can guest customers place orders?
Yes, if Stores > Configuration > Sales > Checkout > Allow Guest Checkout is set to "yes" (default = "yes")
Can customers ship products to multiple different addresses using native Magento 2 functionality?

By default, this is disabled in Stores > Configuration > Multishipping Settings > Allow Shipping to Multiple Addresses
How can a customer register an account when placing an order?
After checkout is complete
Can shopping cart products be shared among different websites?
Yes, with some configurations.

Multistore mode must be enabled

Shared products across websites on the Websites section of the edit product page.

Stores > Configuration> Customers > Customer Configuration > Account sharing options = Global

Stores > Configuration > General > Web > Session Validation Settings > Use SID on Storefront = Yes
What are the different shopping cart promotion types?
Percent of product price discount

Fixed amount discount

Fixed amount discount for whole cart

Buy X get Y free (discount amount is Y)
In other words, Buy X quantity of the product and get Y quantity for free.
How does the persistent shopping cart option work in Magento 2?
It saves a link to the shopping cart for a year or more.

Downside is that it requires a customer to log in to make a purchase. This means that that computer is locked down into the customer account, which is a drawback.
Does Magento 2 Enterprise Edition functionality allow merchants to contact shoppers about their abandoned shopping carts?
Yes, this is found in Marketing > Email Reminders
Native Payment Methods
Check / Money Order
Cash on Delivery
Bank Transfer
Purchase Order
Zero Subtotal Checkout
Cybersource (EE-only)
eWAY (EE-only)
Worldpay (EE-only)
Reward points
The capability to reward customers with points good toward future merchandise purchases.
This is configured in a Shopping Cart Price rule in the Actions tab: Add Reward Points.
Does Magento 2 save credit card numbers in the database when the Authorize.net payment method is used?
Where can the PayPal Express payment method be used on a Magento 2 site (on which pages)?
Product pages (checkout with this product)

Shopping cart page (express checkout)

Checkout page
What is the difference between the Authorize Only and Authorize and Capture payment actions?
Authorize only ensures that the card is valid and that there are available funds.

Authorize and capture performs the above action as well as initiating the funds transfer.
Native Shipping Methods
Free Shipping

Flat Rate

Table Rates




Can a storefront customer select a delivery date when placing an order with the Table Rates shipping option?
Not without custom functionality.
What product types do not require any shipping cost?


Gift card (possibly)
Can a customer apply a coupon on the order review page?
Is it possible to change product quantity during checkout, on the order review page?
When editing a pending order, which order data can be changed?
Billing Address

Shipping Address

You can also edit anything in the order if you click the Edit button. However, that will recreate the order, which is a problem for Paypal orders.
Does Magento 2 native logic allow for partial shipment or partial payment of an order, and if so, what are the conditions for using this functionality?
Yes, Magento allows partial invoices and shipments IF the payment provider is set to allow partial capture.
Methods that allow this:

Payflow Pro


Paypal Direct
When processing an order, at what point does the order become complete?
When it is invoiced and shipped.
Customer groups
Allows application of specific rules or actions for customers in that group.

For example, customer groups can have special pricing, receive discounts, be exempted from tax, etc.
Customer segments
A means to create a segment of customers based on previous purchasing history.

This gives capability to target customers who are not in a customer group with emails and website updates.
How can customer groups be used in assigning discounts?
Catalog Price Rules: select the customer group and choose the discounts to be taken.

Cart Price Rules: select the customer group, ensure that no coupon code is selected, and choose the discounts to be taken.

Tier pricing on products: add a new tier pricing level for a product and specify the customer group.
What are the differences between customer segments and customer groups?
Customer groups are manual (or programmatically assigned).

Customer segments are dynamic and are determined based on criteria or attributes of the customer's history or details.
How can you display a telephone number in a page footer using Admin functionality?
Set it in Store > Configuration > General > Store Information
Does a layout change of a category page from one column to three columns require a customization?
Which of the following changes requires a code customization: Displaying a banner in the page content area, changing a footer link, or changing a product page layout from one column to two columns?
hanging a product page layout from one column to two columns
Could you create a "How did you hear about us?" customer attribute to collect customer data during purchase and export it to a CSV file using native functionality?
What are the three common methods of creating product price discounts?
Single product special price: go into the product and set the Special Price attribute and the date range that this price will be in effect.

Catalog Price Rules: on a more global basis, use product attributes to locate the products for a discount.

Cart Price Rules: apply blanket discounts to all products.
Can you add an image to a product using Magento product import functionality
Yes, Set the base_image, small_image or thumbnail_image values in the CSV to import.

In System > Import, specify the folder that contains these files
Transactional email templates are comprised of a mixture of what three languages?


ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning

Centralized system to handle almost all business processes.
What is Personally Identifiable Information?
Data that could be used to identify a person.

Could be: Name, Email, Address, Driver's license, DOB
Agile Manifesto
self-organizing, continuous delivery, teamwork, sustainable pace, planning encouraged, change encouraged but not within sprints, reflection
Magento billing agreement
a specific paypal feature that is commonly used for recurring-type payment
Front end techniques
responsive and adaptive
What doe is it mean when an Extension is encrypted?
Only extension author can view/edit - This is bad
Bundle Products example uses?
complete outfits, kits of objects, buy x and get another at a discounted price
What is the Payment standards for software applications?
Why use wireflow?
For pages with heavily dynamic content (customer segmentation)
Service Layer
definitions to standardize how the system components interact and contains service contracts
Who enforces PCI Compliance?
PCI DSS - Consortian of credit card companies (pci security standards council)
What do you need to do before you can sell gift cards?
generate card pool before you can sell - EE only
What can you base sales tax on?
unit price, row total, or total
What are the Deployment options?
premise or cloud
Why use Varnish Caching?
faster page loads
Conversion Rates
Percentage of times a user completes an action you want them to do
Bounce Rate
click the site and then immediately leave without clicking anything
Customer Acquisition cost
Cost of a new customer vs. lifetime value
Buy online pickup in stores
Training, logistics, inventory, delivery - can cause issues for BOPIS
Looking at products you are not going to buy because you found them elsewhere online
Endless Aisle
When a store doesn't have stock, but has a kiosk/ipad/display to show you the product and different colors and styles
UK Data Protection P11
personally identifiable information makes it harder to transfer data outside the EU making sure other countries have data protection laws
Bread Crumbs
the path that shows how you landed on a page
encrypts between the browser and the server
token is an encryption key
What is an API?
Allows Integrators and developers to use web services that communication with the Magento system
What scope is the SKU?
Whats included with cloud?
Blackfire - performance testing
New Relic - performing testing
Fastly CDN
Platform SH - speeds up dev processes
Business Intelligence

(High Service level agreement- guarantees these items are available 99% of the time)
Magento Products
Magento Digital - ecommerce

Magento Order Management

Magento Business Intelligence
What are user roles?
Permissions that you define for each user
Transactional Emails
Triggered by events
Session Cookie
Short term, only while user is on the site
Persistent Cookies
Long term cookies that surpass the session
Does Magento host product videos?
No, they have to be hosted on either Vimeo or youtube
What is Magento's EQP?
Extension Quality Program
-checks for security, malware, but no guarantees
Request for Proposal
Do cart price rules require coupon code?
Do catalog price rules appear before or in the cart
Shows on a product automatically before the cart
Page Hierarchy
You can organize your content pages and add pagination, navigation, and menus.

The page hierarchy system uses nodes to identify related pieces of content, and to organize content pages into a parent/child relationships. A parent node is like a folder that might contain child nodes and pages. The relative position of each node and page in the hierarchy is shown as a tree.
What content is used for Blocks? What scope level?
Images, static or dynamic content
Storeview scope level
At the top of category pages, and tied to promotions
Are reviews auto approved or manually approved?
You can have it set to either
Can you have multiple shipping origins in native Magento?
Are RMAs available in CE or only EE?
EE only
What is a robots.txt file?
What google uses to crawl the site
What can I do with Magento API's?
Create a shopping app
Integrate with a CRM
Integrate with an ERP
Integrate with CMS
Create a Javascript Widgets
Customer Relationship Management
Why use wireflow?
For pages with heavily dynamic content (customer segmentation)
native to EE rest curies, large databases
What does an Online merchandiser do?
no marketing, seo, advertising... makes products discoverable, optimizes site for conversions, curates product collections
Visual Merchandiser rules
one rule per category with multiple conditions
URL Rewrite types
Product Rewrite - allows you to specify a product URL to be rewritten

Category rewrite - allows you to specify the product's category path as part of the redirect

Content Page rewrite - allows you to update URLs for site pages which are not related to products or categories

Custom Rewrites - allow you to redirect any of your website's URLs to external URLs
Metadata is used by search engines to evaluate the relevance of page content to user searches

Types of Metadata include title, descriptions, and keywords relevant to sites or pages
Reward Points are a way of increasing customer loyalty by rewarding actions such as:
Registering on the site
Making Purchases
Subscribing to a newsletter for the first time
Inviting friends to join
Is gift wrapping available for CE?
No EE only
What are the different product types in Magento Enterprise Edition?
Gift Cards EE only
What are the minimum attributes needed to create a simple product?
Name, Sku, and price
What is the product "attribute set" used for in Magento?
Can you have different product types using the same attribute set?
Used as a template file for the product records by determining the fields available during data entry when creating a product

Yes you can have different product types with the same attribute set
What are the different ways in which an admin user can update product inventory?
Within a product, a mass attribute update, or via a CSV import.

Also by creating an order in the admin, Creating a credit memo and returning to stock, canceling an order.
How can you display associated products in the cart and on the products page?
Related, Upsell and Cross sell items
How can you create page redirects for different search requests?
Marketing>Search Terms>Click into a result>Redirect URL

You can also add search term redirects as well.
Can a customer submit a JPG image with a product review?
How can you display a telephone number in the page footer using admin functionality?
Content>Blocks>Footer Links
Which Magento feature can be used to display different content (example: cms banner) depending on customer type/group?
Customer Segmentation
How can you create a product discount to have it automatically added in the shopping cart?
Shopping Cart Price cart run -> no coupon
What are the different product or order price discount options available in the shopping cart in Magento EE?
Percent of product price discount
Fixed amount discount
Fixed amount discount for whole cart
Buy X get Y free (discount amount is Y)
Can shopping cart price rules be shared among different websites?
Does Magento EE allow merchants to contact customers about their abandoned carts?
Yes, Reports -> Marketing -> Abandonded Carts
What is Magento secure payment bridge?
This enables you to make updates with new marketing, merchandising and content management features to the core Magento eCommerce application without having to go through PCI compliance reassessment of the entire Magento eCommerce platform
For what product types can Magento recurring profile be enabled?
was simple and virtual products?
Can a storefront customer select a delivery date when placing an order using table rates?
What shipping option attributes are available for a customer when placing an order?
Method type and shipping date
Multiple shipping addresses is available if enabled.
How is the shipping cost calculated for the DHL and table rates method?
DHL is charge via a live rate through the DHL gateway

Table rate allows the customer to upload a CSV with different rates based on locations, weight, and destination.
Can a customer share their wishlist with friends?
Can the customer print an order invoice from the My account section?
What product types do not require any shipping costs?
virtual, downlaodable
when an order is saved in the Magento database, what triggers a confirmation email to a customer who pays using PayPal Express? (logging into paypal, clicking the checkout button, etc)
clicking the purchase button
When editing a pending order, what data can be changed?
billing and shipping address
What are the different methods of creating an order in magento?
one page checkout, multiple addresses checkout, backend create order, web services API, order import, other?
What are the three major security features in native Magento EE?
Login to your admin panel and navigate to Stores > Settings > Configuration.
Click on Advanced option under the Advanced Menu.
Enable or disable any extension
What are the two ways of installing an extension?
Component Manager and by manually installing the extension via the Magento /app directories
Does the layout change of the category page from one column to two columns require a customization?
no, it can be done in native magento
Which of the following require code changes? Displaying a banner in the page content area, changing a footer link, changing product page layout from one column to two columns?
changing a footer link
Does creating a product price attribute require a customization?
no, native magento
How can product attributes be used when creating customer shopping cart discounts?
Both cart price rules and catalog price rules can be defined by product attributes
How is shopping cart coupon code use tracked with Magento native logic?
This code is stored with the order and if used is recorded against the counter for the specific Coupon Code (if their is a limit)
What customer and product data can be imported and exported using native Magento logic?
You can export or import any Magento attribute. It is wise to do a system export first and then modify the columns (by sku) then append the product data via the import. Also, working with one column/attribute at a time is wise so you don't overwrite important data.
Can you add product images using import functionality?
What product types can be created using import functionality?
All product types
A customer wants to display a CMS block on category pages. What would be the most efficient way to implement that?
Create the static block and then navigate to the category and then in the content settings add CMS Block
A merchant uses a Magento 2 system, along with other online interfaces, as part of a multichannel business, and the merchant uses a business intelligence application to aggregate data from all these systems. Which native features would allow the merchant to integrate Magento with this application?
Magento BI
Which external search servers does Magento EE 2.1 support natively?
Does Magento 2 have a "Saved Credit Card" payment method?
Does Magento CE have Virtual Merchandiser?
How can Customer Groups impact prices? Select all that apply.
Catalog Price Rules can be associated with a customer group.
Cart Price Rules can be associated with a customer group.
Product tiered pricing can be associated with a customer group.
Which is a feature that is available to both Magento 2 CE and Magento 2 EE?

A. Personalized content
B. New and streamlined checkout process
C. Private sales
D. Bluefoot CMS
New and streamlined checkout process
What type of authentication does Magento 2's API use?

A. OAuth 2.0
B. OAuth 1.0a
C. JSON 5.4
B. OAuth 1.0a
Your client current sells in North America with an English web site but would like to branch out internationally with a Spanish and French website. To maintain one admin panel for all languages and the same theme, you need to set up:
One Magento installation, one website, three store views (one per language)
Where do you specify whether or not a customer can checkout as a guest?
In configuration, Sales > Checkout > Allow Guest (Checkout)
If your client has two websites that sell different products yet wants to share a Magento installation for Admin purposes, you will need to set up:
One Magento installation, two websites and a store view for each website
In Magento 1 if a registered user was attempting guest checkout with the email address associated with their account, they would not be able to checkout until they logged in. In Magento 2:
If a user is checking out as a guest and enters an email address that is associated with a user account, Magento will prompt the user to log in but they can still checkout as a guest
What framework does Magento 2 use for its REST API?
When does an inventory level decrease through the ordering process?
When the order is submitted
How do you enable customer comments on orders in Magento 2?
Customer comments require a custom extension.
What key feature was added to Magento 2 CE?

A. Command-line interface (ex. to help install modules)
B. Downloadable products
C. Shipping labels
D. Search-term configuration
A. Command-line interface (ex. to help install modules)
Where can the PayPal express checkout button be displayed (select all that apply):

A. Basket
B. Product page
C. Category
D. Checkout payment methods
A. Basket
B. Product page
D. Checkout payment methods
In Magento Enterprise, banners can be displayed based on (select all that apply):

A. Customer Segment
B. Tax Class
C. Catalog Price Rules
D. Shopping Cart Price Rules
E. Payment Method
A. Customer Segment
C. Catalog Price Rules
D. Shopping Cart Price Rules
Layered navigation works with attributes that are set to these catalog input types (select all that apply):

Multiple Select
Multiple Select
Your client has a single catalog of products but sells on two different domain names. While the design and product selection are slightly different between the two sites, the biggest difference between the two sites happens to be the shipping and payment methods. You will need to set up:
One Magento installation, two websites, and a store view for each
Customers > All Customers shows you:
All customers who have an account on your store.
What is a billing agreement?
An agreement between your customer and Paypal (the payment service provider) that, once in place, allows your customer to checkout without entering payment information for each purchase.
What is Nexus (tax related)?
A. Sales tax nexus occurs when your business has some kind of connection to a state. Determine which customers you must collect sales tax from.

B. https://magento.com/blog/small-business/sales-tax-nexus-101-magento-merchants-and-developers

C. https://blog.taxjar.com/sales-tax-nexus-definition/
US bases sales tax rate on billing address, shipping address, or shipping origin?
Rules depend on where you have nexus and where you are selling
Europe bases sales tax on billing address, shipping address, or shipping origin?
shipping origin
What are Digital goods sales tax based on in EU?
IP address
What is the lowest level you can you set tax rules? Zip Code, city, state, or address?
Address (double check this one)
What can you base tax calculation method on?
Unit Price, Row Total, Total
Where to import/export tax rates in the admin panel?
System> import/export tax rates
When is VAT added?
VAT is added in the product page. It is there to begin with. (EU)
What does EU cookie law require?
describe what cookies are being used for. The user has to agree.
Native Payment methods?
Check/Money Order
Cash on Delivery
Bank Transfers
Zero Subtotal Checkout
Cybersource (EE only)
E-Way (EE only)
Worldplay (EE only)
Native Shipping Methods?
* Native shipping methods
* Free shipping
* Third-party shipping
(Check to see if there are anymore)
Which totals can you change the Sort Order and how?
Subtotal, Discount, Shipping, Tax, Fixed Product Tax, Grand Total, Gift Cards, Store Credit

Stores>Configuration>Sales>Sales>Checkout Totals Sort Order
Can a company have different product skus for the same product on different websites, if so, how?
Can a company have different product quantities for the same product on different websites?
If there is not a field entered at the store view scope but there is a field entered on the Global scope, what will display on the front end?
Default Value
How can you display content based off of your customers shopping patterns?
Customer Segments (EE only)
What is Omni Channel Vs. Multichannel?
Omni Channel:
Seamless through all purchasing points. (online, brick and mortar, ect.)

non-integrated touch points. A customer cannot switch channels through the buying process. This has to do with silos of communication than anything else.
What is the differences among cross-sells, up-sells and related products and where can they appear on the front-end?
Cross-Sells: They appear on the shopping cart

Up-Sells: Product detail page

Related Products: product detail page
Does Magento Business Intelligence pull from Google Analytics?
Yes, Magento BI pulls from Google Analytics
How can a customer register an account when placing an order?
After Checkout
What are the different shopping cart promotion types?
* Percent of product price discount
Fixed amount discount (one time discount no matter amount)
* Fixed amount discount for whole cart
* Buy X get Y free (discount amount is Y)
* In other words, Buy X quantity of the product and get Y quantity for free.
What are Customer Groups and what are customer segments?
An example of a Bundled product?
Entire Outfit
What is Customer Acquisition cost?
Cost of a new customer vs. lifetime value
How should you set the robots.text file for a staging site?
How would you send emails to contact customers about abandoned carts?
Reports>Marketing>Abandoned Cart
How can you view upcoming events and marketing promotions?
content>staging **EE only
What are the conditions you can use for table rates?
* Weight vs. destination,
* price vs. destination,
* # of items vs. destination
Are RSS feeds native in Magento? If so, how can you use them?
Yes, you can use it for wishlists, catalog, and orders
What do you do if a report is not reflecting the most updated information?
Reports> Statistics> Refresh statistics
Can a user checkout as guest if they already have an account?
Yes, but Magento will ask the user if they would like to login once it recognizes the registered email
What is the order of the Systems Development Cycle (SDLC)?
1. Requirement Gathering
2. Design
3. Implementation
4. Testing
5. Deployment
6. Maintain
Area in the admin panel to change the logo on the transactional email?
Content -> Design Configuration -> Select stores view -> Transactional emails -> Upload logo
What is on the Reports section in the admin panel?
Order count, refunds, low stock, abandoned carts
Add/Change Search Terms
Marketing -> Search Terms -> Add new search term
Data Managed on WEBSITE Level are the following:
Payment Methods
Shipping Methods
Base Currencies
Product Prices
Customers Info
Orders Info
User or Admin Roles
Catalog Permission
What are customer segments?
For Marketing, front-end promos, messaging. Based on:
Behavioral (previous purchases, product attributes)
High AOV's, frequency shoppers, etc.
Order Flow is offline capturing is labeled as
Order comes in if already captured is labeled as
Shipment cannot be created until the order has been invoiced
When can you add a tracking number to an order?
after shipment
Can you edit quantities if payment is not captured?
Invoiced -> _____________ -> Closed
What are upsells?
Higher quality, higher priced items. Alternatives to purchase instead
One-Step Checkout is
not native
One-Page Checkout is a
Native feature
What do bundled products used for?
Complete outfits like tops and bottoms
Kits of several products
Buy X, get Y at 5% off
Can still be configurable (when you build your own kits)
What are related products?
Shown in addition to item customer's looking at
(shown on product page customer is viewing)
Complement the original product to add both to cart
*can add products that are related on product page*
What are Cross-Sells?
POS / Impulse Purchases
- When use is viewing cart
Shown at the bottom of the product page
Shown at the bottom of shopping cart page
Typically lower priced
May go along with items they're purchasing
What 2 places can you change inventory labels in?
Product edit page (qty field)
Product grid -> update attributes -> advance inventory
What are the Loyalty Perks of M2?
Rewards program
- Purchases, regular newsletter, referrals, rewards
Virtual & physical gift cards
Private Sales
Gift registry
What are M2 EE ONLY Features?
Customers Segments (EE)
Marketing, Merch, Search:
- Content Staging & Preview
- Customer segmentation for personalization
- Targeted promos & banners by segment
- Rule based product merch, upsells, cross, etc.
- Schedule imports / exports
- ElasticSearch
- Automated emails - abandoned carts & wishlists
- Banners
What are web API's?
Provides means to use web services to connect with Magento. Assures calls have authorization to perform requests.
M2 uses 2 types
3 types of Authentication Methods for Web API's
OAUTH : 3rd party apps
Tokens : mobile apps
Login Credentials : admins, customers
What does Google Tag Manager allow you to do?
Allows you to add tags without editing code
A/B Testing in Magento can be done using what Google product?
Google Experiment
What Data is managed on STORE LEVEL?
Product catalog structure (category structure)
Data Managed on Store View level:
- Look and feel of store page
- Product titles
- Attributes
- Languages
- Currency
Layered Navigation works with attributes that are set to ________ catalog input type.
Multiple Select
Checkout Totals Sort Order:
Fixed Product Tax
Grand Total
Gift Total
Store Credit
How can the native banner functionality be used?
Can be shown to particular customer segment
Can be used with shopping cart rule
Can be used with catalog price rule
"Value Added Tax" must be displayed on:
Category pages
Product pages
Shopping Carts
Tax configurations in the U.S. are:
based on where the company is located
Where company is located
Tax configurations in the E.U. are:
based on ship address
Checkout Totals Sort Order:
Stores -> settings -> config -> sales -> checkout totals sort order
grand total
What is a customer segment and what does it do?
allow you to dynamically display content and promotions to specific customers, based on properties such as customer address, order history, shopping cart contents, and so on.
What are customer groups and what do they do?
determine which discounts are available, and the tax class that is associated with the group. The default customer groups are General, Not Logged In, and Wholesale.
What does ERP stand for?
Enterprise Resource Planning
What features are included in Cloud Enterprise and not in Opensource?
ElasticSearch, Bluefoot, Magento Order Management, Content staging & preview, Magento shipping, OOTB B2B Functionality.