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Magento 2 MCSS Study Guide -Brian

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Quality URL structure: Don't use numbers or IDs in the structure. Instead, use words. Not too many, but 75 characters or so in the url.

Good information architecture: This describes how your website is constructed

Duplicate content is bad: Common within Magento will be a product in multiple categories, resulting in the same product page accessible via several URL paths (one for each category). If you don't tell Google which URL is the "master" (vs. the duplicates), Google will pick one.

Sitemap: Helps search engines find the pages on your website
complete software development cycle. Usually focuses on smaller increments. Self Organizing teams
Clear tasks and responsibility
Sprints - things being frequently delivered
Sustainable pace
Agile Manifesto
Requirements: actionable, measurable, defined, remove gray areas
Iterative design - refine, analyze, test
Plan: developing a roadmap for getting the problem solved.

Design: architecting the solution: what pieces need to be built.

Build: writing the code to solve this problem.

Test: assigning to QA to ensures that everything works as expected.
Deploy: deploying the update.

Maintain: starting the cycle over again.