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treble clef
the sign on the staff for second line G
bass clef
the sign on the staff for fourth line F
5 lines and 4 spaces where you write the music.
eighth note
gets 1/2 of a beat
quarter note
gets one beat.
half note
gets two beats.
whole note
gets 4 beats.
whole rest
gets 4 beats of silence
half rest
gets 2 beats of silence
quarter rest
gets 1 beat of silence
eighth rest
gets 1/2 a beat of silence
The musical alphabet
Ledger lines
extend the staff
tells the lines and spaces of the staff
repeat sign
go back to the beginning of the music
flat sign
lowers note 1/2 step
sharp sign
raises note 1/2 step
natural sign
cancels a flat or sharp
sixteenth note
gets 1/4 of a beat
sixteenth rest